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Keep Your Clothes Tidy With Shelf Dividers for Closets

Updated on June 19, 2011

Use Shelf Dividers for Closets and Banish Jumbled Jumpers Forever

 If the following scenario sounds familiar you definitely need to invest in some shelf dividers for closets.

You know that somewhere in the deep recesses of the shelves of your closet is your favourite jersey, and you want to wear it out tonight. Problem is as soon as you open the closet door you're faced with a veritable jumble sale of jumpers, tops and other items. They're all precariously balanced and you know that if you're not quick they'll tumble out and hit the floor. Trouble is you can't search for you favourite top without them tumbling out and hitting the floor, so whatever you do you'll end up with a pile of clothes where you don't want them, and a mammoth task to sort them out and get them back in the closet.

If the above does describe you then closet shelf dividers could be the answer you're looking for, and with prices starting at under $10.00 they're a bargain way to bring your clothes back under control.

Shelf Dividers - Set of 2 Square in Chrome by Lynk
Shelf Dividers - Set of 2 Square in Chrome by Lynk

Over the Shelf Dividers for Solid Shelves

Put a closet shelf divider onto your shelves and in an instant you have transformed a ordinary shelf into a set of well organized compartments ready for your folded up clothes.

Available in mainly chrome or white, these wire shelf dividers can be set any distance apart to suit the style of clothes, or other items, you wish to store between them. They slide simply over the edge of the closet shelf and remain in place thanks to a T-bar support.

So whether you want to divide your shelf into 2 or 20 compartments these are a great option, and can be re-arranged whenever required to give a new number of compartments.

So why not treat yourself, or someone you know, to a tidy closet and buy a shelf organizer today.

Closet Shelf Dividers for Wire Shelves

 If you have wire shelves in your closet there are some shelf dividers designed especially for this with special fittings to ensure they stay  in place.

Other Closet Shelf Divider Options

If wire shelf dividers aren't quite what you're looking for, there are other options such as stacking baskets and the cardboard closet shelf organizer as shown below.


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