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Keep your beer cold with the Cooper Cooler

Updated on January 31, 2012
The Cooper Cooler in stylish brushed silver.
The Cooper Cooler in stylish brushed silver.

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The Cooper Cooler – the quickest way to cool your beer

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been embarrassed when unexpected visitors drop by and you’re not able to offer them a cold drink.

Do you want a quick and effective way to get your beer, wine or any other kind of drink cold?

If so, the Cooper Cooler could be the embarrassment-avoidance device that you’ve been searching for.

The Cooper Cooler can cool and chill your drinks in just sixty seconds using some pretty nifty technology.

Check it out in the commercial below. It'll give you a good idea on just how the Cooper Cooler works.

Cooper Cooler commercial

How to get your drinks cold

The Cooper Cooler is so easy to use that there’s no risk of raising a sweat to get your favourite beer, wine or soda, icy cold. All you need to do is:

Step 1 Fill the Cooper Cooler with water, ice cubes and your drink

Step 2 Hit start

Step 3 Take your drink out of the Cooper Cooler and enjoy

Easy, don’t you think?

How it works

The Cooper Cooler works on some pretty simple scientific principles to get your drinks cool quickly.

Science has shown that the fastest way to heat or warm something is by surrounding the item with a heating or cooling source. This is far more effective than heating or cooling on a single side.

And that’s precisely how the Cooper Cooler works.

The Cooper Cooler rotates your can or bottle through the cooling source, that’s the water and ice cubes that you poured in.

As your drink is rotated in the Cooper Cooler, it’s blasted with an icy cold water spray from all angles and rapid cooling commences from the outside in.

At first glance this doesn’t sound too good. Surely a can or soda or beer that has been spun around at high speed for minutes will erupt into an embarrassing and messy fountain upon opening?


Rotating a bottle or can is quite different from shaking it up and down, meaning that there’s no mess when opening your newly cooled beverage. If you’re really concerned, you can switch the Cooper Cooler to the no-spin setting.

How quickly will it get your drinks cold?

If there’s one word to describe the Cooper Cooler, apart from amazing, it’s ‘fast’.

The Cooper Cooler will have drinks cool before your guests even get their coats off. Well maybe not, but close to it:

One minute cooling time for cans

Three and a half minutes cooling time for bottles

Six minutes cooling time for the average sized bottle of wine

Are there any negatives?

The Cooper Cooler has a good product, but has a few issues that you should be aware of:

- Kind of loud

- Labels on bottles of wine peels due to the spinning action

- Might need you top up the ice after extensive use


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    • profile image

      KLeichester 7 years ago

      This seems nice. Of course, who would not like a cold beer? ;)