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Squirrels In the Attic

Updated on June 7, 2013
Squirrel nest in the soffit of the roof.  Squirrels can cause large amounts of damage to homes.
Squirrel nest in the soffit of the roof. Squirrels can cause large amounts of damage to homes. | Source

When you purchase a home, the ideal situation is that you are the only tenants in the home. Unfortunately, there are many homes that have issues with pest infiltration. Of the various pests that can invade your home and threaten your health and safety, there are few worse than squirrels. Squirrels may look cute and cuddly, but they are part of the rodent family and can cause more damage than any mouse, bat, or rat when they infiltrate your home.

Squirrels are not really trying to be pests. The are looking for a home and a place to have their young. The issue is that squirrels typically mate in the winter and have their babies in early spring at a rate of 3-5 per litter. One of the main issues with squirrels is that they can get into fairly small areas. After they infiltrate the attic, they use the insulation or whatever else they find that is appeasing to them to make their nests. Like other rodents, the destruction of electrical wiring is an issue with squirrels and it is common to find wires chewed threw in attic areas where squirrels have been an issue.

The best way to remedy squirrels from getting into the attic is to seal up all voids in the soffit area (the portion of the roof that over hangs past the side of the house) with either metal wrap or spray foam that is later painted for UV protection. Other common entry points include gable vents, roof vents, chimneys, and ridge vents.

It is important to realize that if you try to take care of a live squirrel issue yourself, there are inherent risks. The greatest risk being that the squirrel could attack you. While this sounds laughable, they can be extremely vicious and have been documented to carry rabies and other diseases. It is best to call a professional pest removal service for safety and security.


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      Arizona's Restoration Experts, LLC 5 years ago

      Not many squirrels to contend with here, any help with scorpions?