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Keeping Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

Updated on April 2, 2017

An Overview of Less Work for a Clean Bathroom at Home

There are some good techniques and products which can help you keep that bathroom looking and smelling like a palace. But, as a general matter, if you can take a few small steps to create less of a mess and clean gradually as you go along, there will be less work for you. Rather than spending your weekend or day off scrubbing the bathroom, you can take small steps during the week to less the workload. Here is a summary:

  • Do not use too much toothpaste and allow it to dry on sink
  • Do not let excess shampoo and soap accumulate in shower or bath
  • Practice good aim when using the toilet
  • Give the sink or other counter top an occasional wipe down with Lysol wipes
  • Do not be afraid to use bleach on the floor or elsewhere

The Pitfalls of Excess Toothpaste Drying on Sink

Not only should you conserve toothpaste to save money, but you should also avoid wrapping the toothpaste around the brush head for another reason: it makes a mess. In addition to the fact that you're wasting money, dentists agree that excessive amounts of toothpaste do not even improve dental health. When that mess dries all over the sink, it creates a nasty residue which can be very difficult to remove if you allow it to harden on the sink. If the residue becomes affixed to the sink, you may need a heavy duty brush to remove it along with chemicals. Bottom line here, use a reasonable amount of toothpaste and make sure it finds its way down the drain where it belongs.

Avoid Soap Scum

Soap scum is not pretty and difficult to remove. The simple way to prevent it from being born is similar to the toothpaste discussion above. Avoid excessive application of shampoo and soap when lathering up in the shower or bath. Violent application of shampoo to the hair can spread shampoo all over the walls and ceiling. You would be better advised to apply the shampoo and/or conditioner carefully and gently to avoid this. This way, the nastiness will never have to be removed.

Meticulous Toilet Aim

This tip is crucial. If you want a cleaner toilet, then make sure all the deposits go down the drain. Men need to practice aim and stand at a manageable distance from the toilet bowl. When sitting down and going number "1," let the flow proceed in a gentle fashion, no need to hurry and splash everywhere. In the unfortunate even that a spill or splash is encountered, be sure to clean quickly since when it gets dry, it gets smelly. If you've had a bad meal of clams, make sure you clean up before it hardens. You will thank yourself on cleaning day by taking care these issues gradually, as they arise.

Best Recommended Bathroom Cleaning Products

Lysol wipes come in great handy and are available in bulk at your discount warehouse of choice. For example, Costco has three packs of large disinfecting wipes. These come in two different scents and are perfect for an occasional wipe down of the sink / counter. Good old Clorox bleach is great for the floor and disinfection. Just be careful not to spill it on your clothes or a nice rug since it stains. I have a nice sturdy toilet bowl brush and Lysol toilet cleaner which I use to scrub the interior of the bowl. The spray applied and wiped with paper towels is preferable since toilet paper falls apart is insufficient for scrubbing the seat and the exterior of the bowl. There's nothing like a nice, clean toilet bowl.


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