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Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Maker

Updated on March 23, 2011

Keurig Coffee Maker No Longer As Expensive As You Think

I remember when the Keurig coffee machines first starting to become big a few years ago everyone was complaining about how expensive and wasteful they were. After all, you had to buy individual coffee K cups, which originally cost like a buck or two apiece, and then you made your cup of coffee and the K cup container was just thrown away. Compare that to a regular coffee machine, which pours coffee into a pot which you pour into a mug and creates no waste for the landfills.

Those were all good points, but they are no longer valid. The Keurig B60 Special Edition coffee machine still uses K cups, and they still come in a variety of flavors you can buy in stores or online. The difference is the cost, with K cups now selling for about $.50 apiece, and the ability to use a reusable K cup filter so you can do away with the disposable K cups altogether if you so choose.

I'm not sure if Keurig approves of the innovations in reusable K cups, as it cuts into their profits from people having to constantly buy only their coffee, but it should help increase the popularity of their coffee makers. The Keurig B60 Special Edition is compatible with the Solofill Refillable K Cup or the EZ Cup paper filters (which are kind of the same thing as K cups in terms of waste, but they're dirt cheap and you can use whatever coffee you like).

The B60 SE can be programmed to brew in 3 different cup sizes, so you can get your quick shot of coffee, your regular size mug, or your larger travel mug for the long morning commute. It also has a timer and an automatic shutoff. It takes about a minute to brew a cup after the machine has had about 4 minutes to warm up.

The downside of the Keurig B60 is of course the use of the K cups, which I've already explained can be remedied with the purchase of a relatively inexpensive product. If you like the convenience of K cups, you might find it inconvenient when you try to find them in stores. It seems most normal grocery stores have been slow to recognize the popularity of these machines. The way to remedy that is to buy online. You can find K cups for cheaper (with free shipping!) and you'll find greater varieties.

The B60 is not the top-of-the-line Keurig home brewing machine, but it's definitely one of their high-end products. If you want a step up from the B60 you can go with the B70 platinum, but it might not be as compatible with as many third party products designed for Keurig machines.  


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