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Key Points to Reflect On When Installing a Home Swimming Pool

Updated on January 14, 2013

Swimming pools at home offer a perfect opportunity to stay cool and relax throughout the hot summer months in what is likely to be a very private environment. Even though it can be highly appealing to install a home swimming pool there are several key points to think about prior to going ahead with this particular type of home project.

Reflecting on the Different Types of Home Pools

The first point to consider in a home swimming pool installation is to decide on whether an in-ground or above ground pool is more desirable. Each of these designs presents their own positive and negative points. A key consideration will of course relate to the cost of the actual pool and installation. If looking for the most budget-friendly option, then you will of course opt for the above ground pool which is a far-sight cheaper to have installed then the in-ground alternative. Aesthetics of the pool is a further point to consider – in most cases an in-ground pool will be more physically pleasing – although the latest above ground pools are starting to become more attractive.

Also, it is likely that the above ground pools will be cheaper to run mostly due to the fact that they require less water to fill and rely more on compact size pumps and less on chemicals. An in ground pool is generally rated to last in the region of 40-years, whereas the above ground pool will give a live span of 5-years or so.

If deciding on highly flexible in-ground Swimming pool

Beyond the fact that the in-ground pools offer more versatility in relation to options and design, the overall design is generally only limited by the available budget. If the finances are available it is possible to update the look and function of the pool with an attached spa, swim in bars, rock formations, waterfall features, and negative edges.

If deciding on the cheaper option of the above ground pool

Although a far-sight cheaper to buy and install than the alternative of the in-ground pool, the above ground pools have progressed significantly and can appear quite appealing with the many liners and wall designs available on the market. If able to go to the expense of including a surrounding deck area, this can go a long way to truly increasing the overall appearance. Many of the accessories that were solely manufactured for the in-ground units are now widely available for the above-ground pools.

Basic backyard pool requirements

In planning an above ground or in ground swimming pool it is vital to consider all aspects relating to the safety aspects of its day-to-day operation. It is generally a requirement to obtain the necessary swimming pool permits and mandated fencing, which should ring an in-ground pool. Fencing is essential to avoid unauthorized entry to a pool area, which is more important when small children are likely to be on the property.


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