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Kicking the Clutter Habit Organizing and Decluttering

Updated on April 18, 2015

Learn The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

The Magic of a Clean and Organized Home

Becoming organized is one way to make it easier and faster to clean your home and have more time to do things you enjoy on the weekends. I don't have a large collection of items but realized that as I grow older I don't want a bunch of items for my grandchildren to have to go through when I move or pass away.

We have a habit of becoming attached to objects and things that are hard to part with. For example, I still have a few old Barbie's and toys from the 1970s that I found difficult to get rid of. While it only could fill maybe one or two boxes it has been sitting in the basement for over 25 years not doing anything. Recently I have been going through the items and listing them on eBay and have made money out of things and realize I don't miss them once they are gone.

Getting organized starts with one closet or one drawer in a room and moving on to the rest of the room until you only have items in there that you need or enjoy. It doesn't mean getting rid of everything of course you can keep items you like to collect or have an attachment to them.

If you feel doomed by cleaning out one room at a time you can use the the Japanese KonMari Method, with its revolutionary category-by-category system, leads to lasting results and makes organizing a life-changing guide to organizing. This method is know for creating serenity and inspiration and prevent people from going back to their old habits of collecting and cluttering up their homes.

Clean Out Your Closets and Make Space in Your Home

Get Organized
Get Organized | Source

Surround Yourself with Items That Spark Joy in Your Life

Look around you and decide if an item is providing you with anxiety or it provides you with joy when you see it. Decide what you want to keep and not necessarily what you want to throw away but purge and organize your home.

Get your cluttered rooms in order and care for your items in order to have them last longer. Have a space for everything and if you don't have the space for it maybe it's time to let it go.

As you declutter you may realize that you are happier and enjoying your home more. Instead of feeling guilty over discarding or donating items learn to let go and feel free of the extra things holding you down.

Learn about folding and storage techniques to help you organize the items you do have and keep them in the same space so they are easier to find. When you go shopping only purchase items you truly want around you and change the relationship you have with stuff and start focusing on you and your loved ones instead.

Organize by category such as bedding and towels, dishes and kitchen items, lawn and garden stuff, furniture, tools, baby and kid gear, seasonal décor, and miscellaneous items.

Have a Garage Sale and Make some Cash!!

Make Some Money and Sell Your Items

As you are cleaning out your rooms and closets start by making piles for donations, garbage and a pile to either have a garage sale or sell online. Clothing, toys, jewelry, pictures, and several other items can easily be sold on eBay. Garage sales are also a great way to find a new home for items.

As your kids grow there gently used clothing will do well at garage sales or on eBay. Toys also are another item that people will search for when coming to your home for a yard sale. Old furniture is something that a lot of people look for to re-purpose especially wood furniture, chairs, desks, shelving and other items.

There is no reason once your child has outgrown a toy or clothing item to keep it around give it to someone you know who needs it or have a garage sale and donate the money to charity.

You may not think you have anything that will sell but you will be amazed at the items that can be resold and recycled or donated that others will enjoy using and have a purpose for. Why have something cluttering your world when it can do so much more good for others?

How Do You Organize?

What Method Do Use to Organize?

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Organize Your Items by Category

Organize your items by Yarn, Crafts, Bedding, Towels, Utensils, Toys, Etc.
Organize your items by Yarn, Crafts, Bedding, Towels, Utensils, Toys, Etc.

Donate and Declutter

When going through items look for things like old eyeglasses, hearing aids, craft items, etc that will make good donation items.

There are several charities looking for items to put to good use. Item like eyeglasses will be helpful to those who need them, an old cell phone is another great item to donate as there are several organization willing to repair and use them for military personal, low income and other resources.

Craft items such as yarn and fabric will make hours of fun for people looking for activities. There are so many items that can be used and remade into something others find helpful. For resources and information just Google what you are looking to donate and find out who takes them.

Items such as old televisions, computers and other electronics can also be recycled. Check with your city or search online to find out who in your area is willing to take these items. Since they can no longer be thrown away you may be surprised to find an e-cycle location in your area willing to take these things.

Provide yourself with more time by Getting Organizing

The less stuff you have the less you will have to organize and clean or repair. Make sure to take a weekend to rid yourself of old paint, electronics, broken items, and clothing to clear out and make more room.

Remember to ask yourself "Does this item provide me with happiness or spark joy when I look at it or does it just annoy me". Once you learn to ask yourself if it does spark joy you will realize you probably won't miss it once it is gone.

Learn to discard everything (well almost everything). Most things are electronically stored nowadays so there is no reason to keep all of your old bank statements, checks, and paycheck stubs. The idea is to toss out (or shred) items in one big swoop.

Try not to backslide into old habits and go through things such as the mail as soon as you pick it up and put things away in their holding place. Sort through and give an item a home as soon as you bring it back. Don't just throw it on the counter or chair and leave it there to collect dust. If it doesn't have a place it doesn't belong!

Keep nothing in your house that is not useful to you. Learn what you can live with and what you can not. Think about if you had only 10 minutes to take somethings from your home what would the be?

A good way to get started is to read a book about decluttering and organizing before you start and don't hesitate to tackle those pile right away and start with a clear and free way to live!

The Japanese Art of Decluttering

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    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 2 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Decluttering is something I do every spring – despite hubby’s protests. (“Oh, hey…I want that!”) I confess that I’m always on the lookout for innovate ways to store and recycle things, and always give unwanted items to those in need. We have local drives here every spring, which helps. Sometimes I will leave them at the curb in a box and they are gone by the next morning. Nice write, and I enjoyed the video as well.