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Kids Closet Shoe Organizer Racks and Storage

Updated on July 2, 2009

The closet hanging shoe organizer rack system is usually made of materials like breathable cotton canvas, vinyl, and mesh. The hanging systems are designed to easily slide onto a closet rod and can hold pairs of shoes neatly and safely. Most hanging shoe organizer racks are sold with spaces to hold anywhere from 10 to 18 pairs of adult shoes. Using one of more of these hanging systems as part of a kids closet shoe organizer system can teach your children to put things away in their proper place when they are not in use. Some parents use the hanging storage systems for more than just shoes. Neatly folded clothing, accessories, or toys can also be stored.

The best advantage to using hanging shoe organizer systems is that they are fairly inexpensive but also effective at getting rid of shoe clutter in a kid’s bedroom. Once the shoes are organized and put away you will be surprised at the amount of space left over for other organization tools like plastic bins and wooden boxes for toys and other loose items. You can find many different types, sizes, and materials of hanging shoe storage online or at home improvement stores. Online pricing is very reasonable and the selection is great.

Photo by tivac @
Photo by tivac @

Interlocking Shoe Organizer

Interlocking shoe organizer units usually contain a series of frosted plastic cubes that are reinforced with steel frames.  The cubes can be attached with the help of “multi directional” brackets and configured to fit any style storage space you need.  Standard size interlocking shoe systems contain 16 cubes which allows for storage of 16 pairs of shoes or less.  The use of interlocking cubes as a kids closet shoe organizer rack is ideal because the cubes can also be used to store other items like toys, accessories, clothing, and more. 

The frosted cube construction is kid friendly and actually very nice looking.  Children will love to help Mommy and Daddy organize their items neatly and orderly.  You can label each bin so your child can easily find what he or she is looking for and also return the items when they are not in use.  Interlocking shoe systems come in many different types, sizes, and materials.  You can find many different varieties online.  The interlocking shoe organizer system is fairly inexpensive to purchase and light weight construction means you won’t have to pay very much to have it shipped directly to your home.

Photo by abby.miller24 @
Photo by abby.miller24 @

Door Shoe Organizer

Door shoe organizer systems are a great way to utilize the extra space behind a door for the purpose of helping your children get organized.  Kids closet shoe organizer rack system is the ideal way to getting rid of the excess clutter your children are living in, not to mention the time it will save you and your child from having to search for a pair of shoes in pile or under a bed.  Door organizers are made of materials like metal, plastic, and cotton canvas.  There are many different sizes and styles to choose from.  Some are more appropriate for a girl’s closet while others are plain and can be used in any décor. 

Canvas door shoe organizer units are less expensive than metal and plastic.  Metal is more expensive because it is also more durable.  Door organizers can fit anywhere from 12 pairs of shoes and all the way up to 36 pairs.  Some are simply installed with brackets to the back of a closet door while others have a series of hooks that clasp on to the top of the closet door.  When using door organizers for a kid’s closet, keep in mind that your child is probably not going to be able to reach the top pockets.  Use the top pocket for seasonal items like boots, gloves, hats, sunglasses, and other such accessories.  You can find door organizers on the internet through many online stores.  Some stores sell children’s sizes in many different colors.  Prices will vary slightly depending on the material and style you choose.

Underbed Shoe Organizer

Underbed shoe organizer solutions are fairly inexpensive and can be found in many different sizes, styles, and materials.  The most popular materials for this type of storage are vinyl and plastic.  There are some units made of wood and metal.  Some have rolling wheels so they can easily be accessed when needed.  The units are considered to be more durable and convenient which makes them more expensive to purchase as well.  Most underbed shoe organizers can accommodate 12 pairs of shoes to about 16 pairs.  You can place an underbed organizers on the floor of a closet to create a kids closet shoe organizer rack system that children of all ages can learn to use and maintain. 

Under bed shoe organizer systems are a great way to bring order to a kid’s closet area.  The shoes will be at the child’s level and your child can learn to take out and put back the shoes when they are not being used.  You can even color code the spaces so your child knows where each shoe goes.  You can find this type of shoe storage on the internet at many online stores.  Plastic, and vinyl organizers are inexpensive and don’t weigh much when it comes to shipping costs. 


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      There are many ways to organize your shoes in your closet.