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Freestanding Kids Coat Rack Hooks - Child Clothes Trees For Children

Updated on February 24, 2012

Keeping a childs bedroom neat and tidy can be a full time job in itself but if you are smart about it, you can actually encourage them a little by providing the right kind of bedroom furniture to help them keep organized. One such thing, is a children's coat rack stand which is an attractive addition to any child's bedroom but also a very functional piece of furniture which you can use to encourage them to hand their coats, jackets and other outerwear from rather than dumping it all over the floor.

A coat rack for a kids bedroom needs to be a little more fun than those you would put in your own hallway of course and that's why we have collected together a wide range of cute and fun coat stands for kids all in bright colors and fun designs which they are sure to love. And remember, if they love it, they'll use it and you'll love it too!

Animal Shaped Coat Stands For Kids

Teamson Kids - Safari Stool with Coat Rack - Giraffe
Teamson Kids - Safari Stool with Coat Rack - Giraffe

Hand painted and hand carved, this cute and colorful kids coat stand also functions as a stool.


Choosing A Coat Rack For Girls or Boys

There are some really cute coat racks for children of both genders so choosing one might be something of a problem when you find yourself spoilt for choice. There are a couple of things to consider which might help narrow down the options however.

Consider whether you are looking for a girls coat rack or a boys coat stand or something more neutral. Many are gender specific which can narrow down the options somewhat. Some great selections for either gender follow this section so feel free to scroll down and take a look.

Also consider what age you are buying for and how long you intend to keep it for before it gets replaced, assuming you ever want to replace it. A cute pink girly pony coat rack is going to be a big hit when they are 5 years old but is going to become a great big embarrassment when they hit their teens.

Age in general is an important factor as some are designed with high clothes hanging pegs arranged near the top of the coat tree which are going to be difficult for younger children to reach safely. Others have them at all different heights which enables younger children to grow into them or, in the case of a shared bedroom, gives the option of hanging high or low for children of different ages.

The stability is another important consideration for children of a certain age especially toddlers who may stumble and grab onto it causing a hazard if it doesn't have a stable base. Even with older children, a sturdy, stable free standing coat rack stand is important as it could give a nasty bump if it topples.

Painted Wooden Coat Racks For Girls

Fantasy Fields - Princess & Frog Thematic Kids Coat Rack   Imagination Inspiring Hand Crafted & Hand Painted Details   Non-Toxic, Lead Free Water-based Pain
Fantasy Fields - Princess & Frog Thematic Kids Coat Rack Imagination Inspiring Hand Crafted & Hand Painted Details Non-Toxic, Lead Free Water-based Pain

From the Princess Frog Collection, which also has a wide range of matching children's bedroom furniture, comes this pretty pink kids clothing tree toped with a crown which makes it ideal for a themed princess bedroom.


Free Standing Coat Racks For Boys

Giraffe Coat Hanger
Giraffe Coat Hanger

The giraffe themed free standing coat hanger is made from ecologically friendly sustainable rubberwood with child friendly non-toxic paints, lacquers and dyes. It features both high and low hanging pegs and a no topple sturdy base to prevent falling.


Why Buy A Clothes Rack For Children Anyway?

These are an attractive addition to any child's bedroom and can add a touch of style or flair to a child's bedroom whilst providing a functional piece of furniture into the bargain.

A child coat rack for hanging clothes can save space in a closet by putting bulky clothes like jackets, and other rainwear outside making more room inside the wardrobe. This space saving feature is going to help organize and declutter your children's closet area which in turn is going to help you encourage them to keep it organized better. If it is stuffed to bursting with clothes then its not going to be any easy task for either of you.

A coat rack stand organizer for kids helps teach them responsibility for hanging up their own clothes and for organizing their own bedroom. A brightly colored or themed one like those painted animal ones shown higher up the page is going to be a fun and appealing piece of furniture which can aid in keeping their interest.

A multifunctional coat tree for kids can kill a few birds with one stone. You can find coat rack with a growth chart measure on the standing pole so you can mark of your child's height as they get bigger. Some come with small seats and footstools attached to the bottom which provides an extra chair or somewhere to sit and learn to tie their own shoelaces. It's a great way to declutter a child's bedroom in so many ways.


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