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Kids Knobs And Drawer Pulls

Updated on October 19, 2010

Do you really think kids love those boring plain vanilla furniture choices you made for them when they were to young to choose for themselves? The answer will always be no, as children love playful and fun visual queues in their bedrooms, and just about anywhere else they live their life on a daily basis. Taking a plain white desk and hutch set and removing the knobs and draw pulls to replace them with some of the more fun and artistic options available will give their room a little more color, and something visually pleasing to them. There are draw knobs and pulls from about any favorite movie, cartoon, TV show, or brand that you children identify with currently.

Drawer Pulls and Knobs For Kids

Unbelievably they actually make knobs that look like gummies to attach to various cabinetry, and doors for a kids room. It does not matter what they like as their are hundreds of different knobs available for your child to pick from online, or at the local home improvement stores. If they like airplanes, then there are several types that have cartoon-ish like airplane knobs, and pulls that can be attached to their bathroom drawers, and cabinet door. They even make knobs that resemble toy cell phones in various colors. But let's not leave out the princess in your life, as she will have a plethora of royal choice for bedroom and bathroom.

Cheap and Expensive Knobs or Pulls

You might be thinking that this is a great way to do a mini make over with a small amount of money and you would be correct. There are cheap and expensive knobs and pulls to choose from, as some will be hand painted ceramic pieces, and will cost a little more, but well worth the smiles you will get from your kids when they see them for the first time.

Kids Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Children love whimsical drawer pulls and cabinetry knobs
Children love whimsical drawer pulls and cabinetry knobs

Knobs and Pulls For The Adults Too

Do not think you should be left out of this craze to change the looks of home cabinetry, and doors as there are thousands of antique, classic, modern, or even art deco knobs and pulls for the adult crowd to choose from, and they cost even less than what you will spend on your child's room. Some are as little as a dollar apiece, and will simply change the look and feel of your kitchen or master bath in just moments.

You do not have to be a handy person to change out knobs and pulls, but you might need a little filler putty, and some touch up paint if you find there is a need to create new holes for the pulls, and cover up


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    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States

      I used to take drawer hardware for granted. You'd buy a piece and the knobs were what they were. Then I had an old chest of drawers where the handles were breaking off from old age. The holes were farther apart than the new handles in the stores so we had to get creative: knobs! No more handles. It worked and looks great. So, why not add a decorative knob on a child's dresser? Makes it seem "new" at a reasonable price!