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Kids Travel Pillows - Kids Travel Accessories

Updated on April 2, 2011

If you and your child travel frequently or are about to embark on a long journey, then you're probably looking for fun and practical items to assist you in keeping the ride as fun and engaging as possible. Kid's travel pillows are the solution! Your child will receive a new critter travel buddy as well as comfort during naptime.

I recently babysat a friend's toddler and thought that her kid's travel pillow was an absolutely adorable idea.These children's travel pillows can be used in the car, on an airplane or even on the couch while you're cuddled up and reading picture books. They come in fun critters and vibrant colors and are really fun for kids to play with and sleep on.

Rest UpRight Pillow for Children

Rest UpRight Pillow for Children (Ages 3 to 6 years)

The Rest UpRight pillow is a very popular and well-rated product that parents are using for their children during travel. The pillow has a patented design that prevents your child's head from uncomfortably falling down over their chest as they fall asleep.

The design is really innovative and easy for your child to hold in place; essentially by giving the product a great big hug.

They come in 'berry pink' for girls, 'navy' for boys and if you think you're child would love a travel buddy critter, then the 'tan puppy' would be a really fun product to try out.

Noodlehead Travel Buddies

Noodlehead travel buddies are not only a fun stuffed animal toy, they're a comfy, supportive neck pillow. These travel pillows for kids are really soft, hypoallergenic and machine washable in order to combat spills that are bound to happen.

Another exciting aspect of this product line is that they probably carry your child's favorite animal. They have all sorts of animals to choose from, including:

  • dog
  • cat
  • giraffe
  • alligator
  • piggy
  • dolphin
  • froggy
  • and more!

Over all there are about 15 animal critters to choose from!

Toddler Travel Pillows

These kids travel pillows are better suited for younger children. They work to support your child's neck and head from bobbing up and down in a bumpy car. They're meant for use in car seats or booster seats. Fisher-price currently makes two different designs:

Rainforest: This child's neck pillow features two critters, an elephant and a leopard.

Little, Laugh & Learn: This pillow features a farm theme of a cute little cow and a doggy.

Child Head Support Systems for the Car

More Kids Travel Pillows

These two "head support systems" are two more products to consider for your child. The first, is meant for older children and comes in various colors (Amazon Blue, Jungle Green & Grape Purple). It is a patented system that easily installs with the click of a buckle.

The second head cradler is ideal for toddlers. It is meant for use in an automobile and works with your child's car seat to help further cradle and support the neck.

Noodlehead Travel Buddies Neck Pillow
Noodlehead Travel Buddies Neck Pillow

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    • lakeerieartists profile image

      Paula Atwell 8 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      We had two of these when my kids were little. And they just loved them. Took them to bed with them at home, and on the road. :)