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How To Kill Bedbugs For Good

Updated on March 21, 2011

How To Kill Bed Bugs

To be able to kill bedbugs you must first know your enemy. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that normally feed an there victims at night usually just before dawn and are normally only out there hiding spaces for an hour two. They do not need to feed nightly in fact it is said a bedbug can live for weeks without any blood whatsoever. When a bed bug does feed it does this in stealth mode, even though the term don't let the bed bugs bite is very popular they actually suck blood not bite.

Bedbugs will suck blood for as little time as minute or up to three minutes. A victim does not realize he is being preyed upon since the bug first injects a numbing agent before inserting the sucking mechanism into the skin. The mark that is left from a bite is a result of the skin become irritated from the saliva the bed bug leaves under the skin. The most common place for bed bugs to live is in mattress pads and couch cushions.

Bed bugs are very small the largest only measure 4mm making them able to hide in the smallest crevices. Look for small tears in objects this is there most likely hiding space. But bed bugs can also hide in crevices in walls and even floor grates. It is this hiding that makes being able to kill bedbugs a sometimes difficult task.

How to exterminate bed bugs

Depending upon the level of infestation it may not be possible no matter how hard you try to completely kill bedbugs. The only sure fire way is to have a bed bug exterminator come and put a tent around the house and then have a poison gas released. Normally this is only a last option is almost never needed.

Bed bugs can be killed by poison, extreme heat, and extreme cold. To kill bed bugs by heat your best option is an steam cleaner the heat needs to be above 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Objects that can not be steam cleaned with need to be wiped down with a cleaning solution that can kill bed bugs. If you live in a cold enough environment freezing the bed bugs to death may be an option.

The bugs can not live in an environment below 32 degrees. If you decide on this it must stay below this temperature for two weeks to be sure the bed bugs have completely been killed. For a complete book on bed bugs click here. A professional bedbug exterminator may be the best option if you cannot get rid of the bed bugs yourself. They are normally reasonably priced and can be found on line or in your yellow pages


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