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Kilz Paint Review

Updated on March 17, 2012

Kilz Casual Colors

Kilz primer has always been my top choice for interior priming. The oil-based version is excellent for priming wood and the worst stains on walls. Now Masterchem Industries, the company behind the Kilz brand, sells their own line of paints, with their Casual Colors brand being the most popular. Kilz paint is said to provide the same hiding advantages as their primer.

Out of all of the Kilz paints, Casual Colors seems to get the best ratings. The durability is very comparable to Benjamin Moore Regal paint, but without the $40 per gallon price tag. You can buy a gallon of Kilz Casual Colors at Walmart for only $15. Casual Colors paint isn't available in most of the big box stores like Home Depot. The Kilz Pro-X paint is sold at Home Depot though.

There are two versions of Kilz Casual Colors paint; one for interior application and the other for exterior use. The paint can be used on walls, ceilings, trim, doors and cabinets. For exterior application, it can be used on wood, aluminum siding and even masonry. That is pretty good for a paint that only costs $15 per gallon. All of the color samples are on display in Walmart, but you can also use the Kilz color visualizer tool at to get a feel for how the colors actually look painted in a room.

Kilz Pro-X Paint

Kilz Pro-X is a contractor paint sold at Home Depot. The cost is between $15 and $22 per gallon, depending on the paint finish. Like the other Kilz paints and primer, Pro-X is supposed to have hiding properties.

Pro-X paint can also be sprayed and it covers up to 400 sq. ft., unlike other interior paints that only cover 350 sq. ft. I have never used Pro-X Kilz paint. This paint does have mixed reviews. Some people have complained that the paint left streaks and uneven coloring on the walls after drying, while other people said the paint covered nicely and touched up well.

Kilz Pro-X is sold in the 100 and 300 series, with each one providing different sheens and qualities. From what I've read about this product, I would rather continue to use paints from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore and not have to worry about potential problems in the finish.

Kilz Stainblocking Ceiling Paint

Kilz stainblocking ceiling paint is just as good as their primer. It will completely seal and block nasty water and nicotine stains and prevent them from bleeding through after the paint dries. One thing I like about this paint is that it's colored pink when first rolled onto the ceiling, but it dries white. Painting a ceiling white is sometimes difficult if the ceiling color is similar to the new paint color, but the pink colorant makes it a little easier to see what you're doing.

Kilz ceiling paint is also a zero VOC paint so there aren't any nasty fumes like in the regular Kilz primer. The paint dries in a flat finish without leaving streaks and it's also spatter-resistant so it doesn't make a mess when rolling.


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    • profile image

      AaronD24\6639 5 years ago

      Kilz Pro x is a great paint & primer product I work in the paint department at the home depot and I have gotten good feed on these products paints and primer wise!! I've had hands on with pro x paints and primers sherwin is more watered down runny paint comparing to kilz pro x all b/s aside!