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Kitchen Materials and Finishes

Updated on March 7, 2016
Kitchen Granite with Tile Backsplash
Kitchen Granite with Tile Backsplash | Source
Kitchen full of Counters
Kitchen full of Counters | Source

As you all know, in recent years, there has been a vast increase in the range of material available for home kitchen use. Like laminates, solid wood and tiles remained popular but they are not combined, often in astonishing ways, with newcomers such as stainless steel and eco-friendly paints. Mostly, all the kitchen activity takes place on your worktops/countertops. Thus, they need to be long lasting, easy to clean, heat-resistant and impervious to food odours and stains.

Warm wood and coolly efficient stainless steel make spectacular textural contrasts in a sleek efficient galley kitchen. It needs to be oiled on regular basis and should not be left wet for long duration. Laminates are economical, easy to clean. They are available in wide range of colors and patterns but they should be avoided for cutting on. Except pans of hot fat, tiles are resistant to just everything, but they can be expensive when used over a large area.

Most unusual worktop material include : granite, though being heavy and expensive, it keeps its polished good looks no matter what you do to it. Mineral material are easily shaped and highly resistant to burns and marks, but they have to be installed professionally and are therefore expensive. Metals are hygienic, they look stunning when used in sheet form, but they require frequent cleaning.

French Country Kitchen
French Country Kitchen | Source
Kitchen Island Hanging Rack
Kitchen Island Hanging Rack | Source

Tip for Cool Kitchen

Cabinets and a worktop of different colors get along with each other attractively with a steel splashback and a wooden floor.

Colorful Kitchen for creating effect for children
Colorful Kitchen for creating effect for children | Source

let's make the most of your kitchen Worktops and Cupboards

Here, is a checklist which will help you make the most of your kitchen worktops and cupboards :

  • Try keeping your worktops clear by storing frequently-used equipments on wall-mounted racks or shelves and less-used equipments into the cupboards or storage cabinets. You can also fix many small appliances to the walls.
  • Worktops should be lit from above to make working easier and safer. Fill fluorescent tubes at the front edge of the undersides of wall cupboards or shelves.
  • Try adding flip-down shallow drawers, rows of cup-hooks or baskets, for better use of undersides of wall cupboards or shelves.
  • You can even renovate or customize the laminated cupboard doors by sanding the surface, priming it with a suitable undercoat, then rolling or brushing on an oil-based paint. Keep in mind to always work in well-ventilated space.
  • Make use of every inch of cupboard space by installing glass racks, plate stands and other clip-on accessories.
  • You can fit small interior lights to glass-fronted cabinets.
  • While setting a storage cabinet in your kitchen, try choosing those doors and drawers handles which compliment the style of your room, and add a decorative flourish to cabinets. You can consider large and easy-to-grip designs if the kitchen is to be used by older people and children.

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