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Kitchen Sink Drain Board | Stainless Steel Drain Board

Updated on July 14, 2012

It seems manufactures are still assuming the older style kitchen sinks are still being used and a flat drain board will work for everyone.

If you have been frustrated with the store bought plastic drain board sets for your kitchen sink you’re not alone.

Many have tried as many as three different styles before they just give up and make do with what they have.

The number one complaint is they don’t drain or leave a mess on the counter top with water running down onto the cabinets and on to the floor. Even the most expensive drain boards seem to have the same results.

It seems manufactures are still assuming the older style kitchen sinks are still being used and a flat drain board will work for everyone.

Manufactures are also still making the same size board as well not understanding the trends toward a commercial kitchen look also requires larger drying space for the oversized cooking utensils.

For a solution we take a look into the self-sustaining Amish communities who still wash and dry dishes for large families by hand. The Amish also do a lot of food processing and canning during the summer months to store garden vegetables through the winter.

The canning process requires frequent washing of large kettles and utensils as well as canning jars and processing equipment.

Besides the large families the Amish cook for large gatherings during weddings, church services, and other events.

Their solution was to build their own sloping large Stainless steel version with enough space for those extra large kettles and utensils.

Now the general public can also purchase and utilize this Amish version in their homes. The board has a good slant so that water quickly drains back into the sink regardless if it has a raised edge or under the counter mount.

The board is large enough to handle extra large kettles, and can be used with or without a standard drying basket. Even with the basket there is enough room on the side for long spoons and spatulas.

Made of high quality American Stainless Steel with rolled edges the drain board looks commercial and doesn’t need to be hidden when company stops by. It also goes well with all the other Stainless appliances.

Who would think a drying rack, which is normally ugly, could look so good on granite and other high end counter tops?

Even those with fancy outdoor kitchens can use this one; it is perfect for the outdoors, heavy so it won’t blow off and Stainless that won’t fade and crack with the UV rays, plus it will look nice with the Stainless Steel grill and other equipment.

You can purchase this Amish made kitchen sink drain board at Cottage Craft Works .com Cottage Craft Works is an online store carrying a large variety of Amish and small cottage based products for all types of common household solutions. Product solutions that you just can’t find anywhere else


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