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Kitchen Table Sets For a Small Space Reviewed

Updated on May 8, 2013

Sometimes, it is difficult to find an appropriate size kitchen dining table, because most of the dining tables available seem to be made for enormous spaces. But I recently helped a friend move into a small apartment, and we checked out a large range of small dining tables before buying anything.

These are the ones that we found to be most cost-effective, and stylish of course. There are thousands to choose from, but you can't go wrong with any of these. I can also recommend you buy them from Amazon, because their returns policy is so good, but if you bought one that you don't like, you can always send it back. And it's almost impossible to find the kind of choice Amazon offer in local stores.

So check out these small space kitchen dining table sets and see what you think!

Crown Mark Tyler 4-Piece Counter Height Table Set

This particular model is way more solid than you might expect from the photographs. It is genuine wood and only takes up 24" x 44" of floor space for the table, and the chairs slide underneath quite easily when they're not being used.

The table is 36 inches high and the stools are 24 inches high. It comes with three stools, one of which is supposed to be a double seater, and easily fits two people. It's a very comfortable table, and because it is so tall, effectively gives the impression of being larger than it is. It went to together very easily, and this is the one that my friend ended up buying for her kitchen. I can't recommend it highly enough, and was amazed at how well packaged it was. You can definitely order this one without fear of it arriving damaged.

3 Piece Black Finish Table & Saddle Bar Stool Set

If you are absolutely stuck, this one is fantastic because it only takes up 22" x 32" and is once again 36 inches tall, so it looks bigger than it actually is. Is not as solid as the preceding one and only comes in black, although I suppose you could paint it if you wanted to.

Even though it is not quite as solid as the first, it is still pretty well put together considering the price – usually it's available for less than $100. What I would suggest is that when you putting it together you add some wood glue in order to make it a little more solid.

Of course – it only really seats two people maximum, but if you have a kitchen that's small enough to need this, I doubt you would have more that in your kitchen in any case. Highly recommended and well worth the money

5pc Dining Table, Chairs & Bench Set Cappuccino Finish

If you have a tiny amount more space, this five piece set is a little more "traditional," than the preceding ones, and offers something a little different. In a really small space, the bench can be stored underneath the table, and the table can be pushed against the wall to use up as little space as possible, then if you have people over for dinner, the table can be pulled out and realistically you can sit a maximum of five people this particular table.

The only issue I can really see with it, is the fact that it will take a while to be delivered, because the manufacturers shipped direct from Malaysia, whereas the other two tables we have covered are shipped from the United States.

Having said that, it is another sturdy piece of furniture that doesn't cost very much money, and once again I recommend using wood glue to help stabilize the chairs when you put it together.

Coaster Dining Table and Stools 5-Piece Set, Counter Height, Cappuccino Finish

This next one also plays a slightly more space than the first two, but it's still only 40 x 40 inches, and because of the height [36 inches tall] it also looks more impressive and larger than it really is. A good solid hardwood veneer and well padded chairs make it look very nice, And the chairs can easily be stored underneath the table.

This is another sturdy piece of equipment once you've finished putting together and as a side note – this one will take slightly longer than previous ones to put together because the chairs are a little complicated. How you make it complicated to put the chair together is beyond me, but they seem nice and solid once you have finished putting them together.

Another highly recommend tables and chairs set, which ships from the USA so you can expect to get it quite quickly.

Hillsdale Monaco Round Faux Marble Top Dining Table with 48-Inch Diameter, Matte Espresso

You're looking for something different, this one is really interesting, and is the only round table that I decided to include, because while we were looking for my friends I actually ended up buying this myself and I'm very happy with it. I paid less than $300 and a fake marble looks really quite authentic.

It is a good solid table that only takes up 48 inches of space. I did end up needing to strengthen the base, because the top is heavier than the base, but I so liked the look of the table, but I didn't really mind. I suppose if you pay full price [ almost $400] I can see how you might be upset that is the case, but for the price I paid I'm very happy with it.

Just remember it is faux marble not real!


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