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Information about Kiwi Fruits

Updated on February 9, 2018


This succulent, fuzzy -skinned eggshaped fruit known as the Chinese gooseberry was introduced to New Zealand from China.

In 1904, Isabel Fraser, headmistress of the Wanganai Girl's College, brought kiwifruit, "yang tao," seeds back to New Zealand from her sister's mission station in China's Yangtze Valley.

Since 1904, the fruits were known by the Chinese name, yang tao, but New Zealanders soon adopted a local term, calling the furry fruits Chinese gooseberries.

In 1959, the name Chinese gooseberry was changed again, becoming Kiwi fruit, after New Zealand's national bird, the kiwi -- small, brown and furry, like the fruit.

They are now extensively grown in New Zealand, Australia South America and even Italy and France.

Kiwi fruit are delicious eaten raw, just scoop out the flesh with a teaspoon.
Kiwi fruit are delicious eaten raw, just scoop out the flesh with a teaspoon.


  • Excellent source of vitamin C

A single Kiwi fruit contains more than a day's Vitamin C requirement for an adult which is essential for wound healing and healthy immune system., plus vitamin E and provides only 50 kilocalories per 100g/3 ¾ oz.

  • Good source of potassium

Kiwi fruit area a good source of the mineral potassium which helps to counteract the high sodium content in typical Western diet and has been linked to healthy blood pressure.

  • Supplies fibre which can help to lower blood cholesterol levels

The fruit also supplies useful amounts of soluble fibre which helps to control blood cholesterol levels. The soluble fibre binds to cholesterol causing it to be excreted as waste instead of being absorbed by the body.

A kiwifruit makes a useful garnish as its flesh does not discolor and supplies a s much Vitamin C as an orange.
A kiwifruit makes a useful garnish as its flesh does not discolor and supplies a s much Vitamin C as an orange.

Tips on Buying and Storing

  • Always choose plump, unwrinkled fruit with unblemished skins
  • Kiwis are ripe when they yield to gentle pressure
  • Unripe kiwi fruit can easily be repened at home.
  • Always store in room temperature but not in bowl with other fruits since the enzymes in kiwi fruit cause them to ripen very quickly.
  • Firm unripe kiwis will keep for several weeks if stored in a cool place.

Preparing and Serving

Kiwi fruits are best eaten raw or used to garnish dishes decorate flans and pavlovas and also adds attractive and extra colour to fruit salads. For the most attractive effect slice kiwis horizontally.

Did you know that ?

Kiwi fruit contains enzymes that make an excellent meat tenderizer. Rub the peeled skin or slices of kiwi into both sides of the meat and leave for 20 minutes, the meat will become tender enough to grill.

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