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Knock-Out Roses

Updated on January 21, 2015

Why Should I Plant Knock-Out Roses?

If you are like many gardeners you have tried your hand at a lot of different rose bushes. Some will do well, and some will die before you ever see a bloom. Roses can be difficult to grow for some gardeners and others plant them and they flourish. I have had both in my many years of gardening. I have seen them grow and do magnificent and others that really didn't take off well and I had to spend hours of time fiddling with to keep alive. I finally discovered the knock-out rose and I can't say enough positive things about this rose bush. This rose bush was the hard work and cultivation of William Radler. He debuted this glorious shrub to us in 2000 and it's become one of the most popular rose bushes being sold today. William Radler became enthralled with roses at a young age and has spent his life developing healthy, hearty rose bushes.

If you are looking for the perfect rose bush for your garden, you want to give the Knock-Out rose bush a try. They grow about three feet wide and up to four feet tall. They are drought resistant, disease resistant and require little care. They can grow individually in landscapes, as a hedge or shrub or even in a pot. They will help your garden stand out from all the others when you see them take off and take over.

The Knock-Out rose if a big, vivid colored bloom at full maturity.
The Knock-Out rose if a big, vivid colored bloom at full maturity. | Source

Knock-Out Roses Have Vivid Colors

The Knock-Out Rose is a beautiful, brightly colored flower. The flower itself is a full, open bloomed rose at full maturity, and the buds are gorgeous as they begin to form. They grow prolifically and continue blooming and growing all season long. The Knock-Out roses bloom in deep reds and pale pinks and even in a soft, buttery yellow. They are the star of the show when planted in your garden.

Roses In The Garden

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Knock-Out Rose Care and Feeding

These roses are very easy to care for in the garden. They do best in zones 5 through 11 for cold tolerance. The key to a healthy shrub is in the beginning, starting with the soil. Dig at least twelve inches down into the bed and add organic matter to the soil. Roses are heavy feeders and require a lot of nitrogen and like a p.H. of about 6.5, you can check your soil with a meter to ensure your at the right levels. The best time to plant Knock-Out roses is in the spring when the plants are dormant. Space your shrubs between four to six feet to allow them room to spread out as they grow tall. They like full sun and will do well with at least six hours of sunlight a day. Unlike typical rose bushes, the Knock-Out rose will push the dead flowers off the branch as the new ones grow. This eliminates the need to deadhead and constantly prune your roses. If you save your used teabags and coffee grounds, you can put them in your garden to help add nitrogen to your roses.

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Knock-Out Rose BudKnock-Out Rose Full BloomKnock-Out Roses Growing In A Raised Bed
Knock-Out Rose Bud
Knock-Out Rose Bud | Source
Knock-Out Rose Full Bloom
Knock-Out Rose Full Bloom | Source
Knock-Out Roses Growing In A Raised Bed
Knock-Out Roses Growing In A Raised Bed | Source

Knock-Out Rose Care versus Other Rose Care

Knock-Out Rose Care
Other Rose Care
Water, but is drought tolerant
Water reguarly
Feeding, likes nitrogen, well planned soil in the beginning gives them a solid base
Feed often, must maintain pH balance and nitrogen levels
Pruning only needed in the early spring, to cut back, and doesn't need careful trimming, just lob off the tops with shears
Deadhead older blooms, prune back the canes and dead wood and constantly remove suckers
There is less care and maintenance with Knock-Out roses versus other rose bushes.

You Can See That Knock-Out Roses Are A Gardens Showstopper

If you want to try your hand at roses again because you have found them to be too difficult in the past. Or, you are new to roses and are looking for the best choice for your garden, you can't beat the Knock-Out roses.

  • Easy to Plant
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Beautiful and Fast Growing
  • Ever blooming for Constant Color
  • Can Be Grown as a Hedge, In Raised Beds or Pots

Knock-Out Rose Summary

  • Buy them in the spring and plant while dormant.
  • Prune already planted roses in the spring or after the first freeze in winter while they are dormant.
  • Dig your hole at least 12 inches deep and add organic material when planting your roses.
  • Cold tolerant in zones 5 through 11, in colder zones add mulch to the base of the plant for protection.
  • Plant them 4 to 6 feet a part to allow them to spread. Remember, they grow 3 to 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall.
  • Feed to add nitrogen to the soil. Can use old tea bags and coffee grounds.
  • Water
  • There is no need to dead head or prune back to the canes. Just cut the tops in the spring and let them grow!


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    • jrpierce profile image

      Jaymie 4 years ago from Ellijay, Ga

      Thanks for the comment, I like your hubs too!

    • Susan Recipes profile image

      Susan 4 years ago from India

      Great hub with beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

    • jrpierce profile image

      Jaymie 4 years ago from Ellijay, Ga

      I agree the heriloom roses are wonderful roses and the only downfall is they only bloom once. I love the knockout roses because they bloom all season and they fit me so well since I don't have time to fuss over my roses all the time anymore, with all the animals and vegetables I have to work with every day. I also love how they can grow into nice thick hedges. A neighbor of mine has them as a hedge up their driveway, I just love driving by and seeing them they are so warm and friendly. I wish I could do it, but my driveway is like 1/4 mile long haha

    • OldRoses profile image

      Caren White 4 years ago from Franklin Park, NJ

      I'm a huge rose lover. My preference is the heirloom roses. Like the Knockouts, they are hardy and easy to care for. Their drawback is that they only bloom once in the spring. If you want easy-care roses that bloom all summer, Knockouts are the roses for you! Very well-written hub.