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Kohler Bathroom/Lavatory Faucets Review: Centerset, Handles, Widespread

Updated on January 10, 2015

Kohler Bathroom Faucet

Kohler manufacture over a hundred types of bathroom and lavatory faucets, offering a variety of styles, designs, installations, and materials. Rivaling such brands as Delta, Moen, Grohe and American Standard in classic and traditional patterns, Kohler emerge unmatched in its range of especially artistic, peculiar designs that seem to bend not only the pieces themselves, but also our ideas of what this universal plumbing implement can look like.

Installation modes include one or two handle, centersets, widespread faucets (three holes), single-hole, and a wall-mounted category. Some of the spouts display alternative (Alterna collection) sculptural qualities – for instance, where aqua flows via a flume which resembles a miniature aqueduct, or a dramatically curving sheetflow faucet that anticipates, perhaps not surprisingly, some of the luxurious BodySpa shower and bathroom fixtures.

Finishes include polished or brushed chrome, nickel, brass, and bronze (also oil-rubbed), followed by iron, ceramic pieces, and French gold. This variety in turn complement the neutral, warm, or cool tones filling the rest of the bathroom: sinks, toilets, and tiles. Let's take a closer look at some of the collections (Purist, Revival, and other models we discuss more closely in our review of kitchen faucets):

Kohler Lavatory Faucet
Kohler Lavatory Faucet


  • Antique constitutes a Victorian inspired collection that seems to combine within itself such Delta designs as Leland, Victorian, and Vessona – the spouts and the handles (cruciform or lever type) reminding of steam engine machinery. Arrives in widespread, wall-mounted, and single-hole installations. Includes a soap dish in some variations.

  • Coralais is a classic modern faucet that corresponds with Delta Classic, Lewiston, and Signature lines (the later two, interestingly, made for the kitchen): aerodynamic, modern spout shape, equipped with either single lever pull-out control, two levers, or two handles. Centerset, widespread, or single-hole installation.

  • Finial collection, also described as traditional, replicates nature's arches, presenting soft, relaxing shapes with minimal, but notable metal-work at the point of contact with the surface of the wall or sink.

  • Forte offers another eclectic faucet, a relative of Coralais, but with an interesting aesthetic enhancements – the handles carry a branch-like tail (like in an apple or a pear), which adds a touch of humor and visual interest. Suitable for both the kitchen and the lavatory.

  • Karbon displays Kohler's arguably most abstract, ultra-modern design: the main hose is broken into several cylindric segments which seem to act more like a blueprint drawing lamp than a conductor of water. Incorporates carbon fiber, silver, iron, and other tubes.

  • Memoirs opts for an angular, geometric build that contrasts with the flowing contours of most above described lines, demonstrating a more industrialized, harsh shape that nonetheless reveals its own unique charm.

  • Taboret combines traits of Karbon, Coralais, and Memoirs into another modern faucet collection that reappears in the kitchen and the shower.


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