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Kohler Bathtub Review: Whirlpool Tubs, BubbleMassage; Freestanding Bath, Alcove, Drop-in, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Kohler Bathtub

Kohler bathtub and shower products involve Kohler's most advanced technologies and designs: that includes large-scale parts and architecture, as well as all the intricate water flow and stream control systems. It is not accidental that many of the tub and shower solutions arrive organized in full suites – as elements of interior décor that match and complement the rest of the surrounding space.

Water streaming technologies address the needs of a modern home by deploying implements that activating not only the sense of touch, but also that of vision and hearing. Thus, Vibracoustic tubs use sound waves, and Whirlpool chromatherapy to induce relaxation as effectively as possible, all the while encompassing bathers with a deep sense of comfort. (read about Delta and American Standard whirlpools)

Tubs are more conservative than sinks in both materials and colors, usually coming in shades of white and gray painted on cast iron or acrylic; some collections, however, especially in freestanding designs, offer black, blue, and yellow shades as well.


The therapeutic qualities of Kohler baths are not necessarily medically or scientifically proved – yet they bring comfort to such a level as to exert immediate tangible effects on the body, be they relaxing or invigorating. Airjets and water jets become crucial components in achieving the desired experience: acting beneath the water surface, they release air and water in the form of bubbles, directed jets, and whirlpools, all coming in contact with the skin and muscles behind it.

Jets located behind the back and the neck further enhance the process by targeting areas most prone to stress and fatigue.

Kohler Hourglass Bathtub
Kohler Hourglass Bathtub

Installation Types

Kohler baths can be installed in alcove, drop-in, freestanding, and undermount modes, in a wide range of sizes and shapes: corner trefoil, rectangular, oval, hourglass, and others. The brand categorize their tub selection according to collections as well – such (familiar from sinks, toilets and faucets inventory) titles as Archer, Bancroft, Devonshire, Fountainhead, and Revival appear besides new, especially dedicated for this type of product lines.

Greek collection stands out for its slope, providing a uniquely ancient experience, when bathing was a communal public activity that involved conversations and gossiping; Guardian includes an important handrails security feature; Freestanding ironworks draws inspiration from steam engine era, presenting a classic vintage elliptic bowl placed on four iron-cast, ornamented legs; Tea-for-two and several other variations expand the length and depth options of the bathtubs.


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