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Kohler Kitchen/Bathroom Sinks, Faucets, Showers, Tubs, Toilets Full Guide-Review

Updated on January 10, 2015


Kohler joins Delta Faucet as another American company that has evolved into a corporation (Delta is a daughter company of Masco Corporation) of a global scale, offering a wide range of plumbing products for the bathroom and the kitchen: sinks, tubs, faucets, toilets, bidets, vanities, and other relating accessories.

An enterprise with over a hundred years of existence and growth behind its back, Kohler today comprises several daughter companies (Sterling, Sanijura, Kallista, Ann Sacks, and others), which manufacture and market implements on both retail and industrial scales.

Kohler declare artistic approach in design and emphasis on high quality as company's core values; the company's rich history of innovation in kitchen and bathroom plumbing touches on the crucial aspect of hygiene on the one hand, and the complimentary, but also important factor of aesthetics and décor on the other.

Manufacture of generators takes an important share of Kohler's output, but in this series of reviews we focus on the plumbing products.


Versatility is the underlying keyword that defines Kohler and its vast assortment. In order to organize the inventory, the brand employs designers and planners who categorize and arrange the products according to styles and trends. Today, Kohler offers over a dozen of these trends and styles, starting from high-end luxury and nature-inspired, and ending with retro and minimalist-influenced designs.

Installations Types

Each product category – sink, faucet, bathtub, toilet, furniture – can be installed in a variety of ways: an important element that allows to diversify and plan the bathroom or the kitchen corresponding to their unique measurements, and in accordance with the individual taste of their owner.

For instance sinks come in countertop, wall-mount, vessel, pedestal, tile-ins, and other designs, each of which attaches differently to water supply, and features its own unique shape and color; faucets arrive in centerset, wall-mounted, single handle, two handle, pull-down, and widespread variations; bathtubs further expand the selection by offering aquatic and chromatic therapy (jets, bubbles, soothing luminescence) in classic alcove, drop-in, undermount, and freestanding installations.


Collections present a traditional categorization where each set of products exhibits a single aesthetically consistent, unifying theme. Some of Kohler's collections – Devonshire, Purist, Pinstripe, Revival, Archer, Memoirs, and others – have achieved the status of true classics that shine whenever and wherever bathroom decoration and equipment becomes relevant.


Variety of materials play an indispensable role in determining the texture, color, weight, and other aesthetic and functional characteristics of each product. Kohler employ both natural and synthetic substances, including fireclay, marble, glass, vitreous china, cast iron, stainless steel, chrome, acrylic, and others.

Product Types

  • Sinks constitute a category that applies to the lavatory and the kitchen, the former featuring more decorative and aesthetically conscious items, the latter, usually trending towards function and utility. Comfort and ease of use become two primary qualities of equal importance to both locations.

  • Kitchen Faucets include centerset installations, single handle spouts, advanced pullout and pull-down models, and complementary side sprays. Outfitted with one or two handles, these implements display chrome (polish or brushed), nickel (polished or brushed), black iron, bronze, French gold, and even acrylic or ceramic finishes.

  • Bathroom Faucets prize sculptural quality at least as intensely as their kitchen kin cherish utility: rounded and soft contours contrast with square, industrial-inspired ones, Victorian and retro designs rival contemporary and modernist minimalist patterns. A range of mounting options and finishes allows to complete the overall layout in an individualistic flair.

  • Toilets arrive in one or two piece type tanks, equipped with an elongated or round bowl; colors, height and flushing technology (dual flush, single flush, pressure, and others) allow to modify and adjust the equipment to the most comfortable configuration possible.

  • Bathtubs take us from sitting to stretching into the ultimate, in terms of comfort, horizontal posture. Kohler build whirlpool, bubble massage, effervescent, and standard tubs; collections include Archer, Expanse, Fountainhead, Mariposa, and others. Some interesting references to vessel sinks.

  • Showers comprise yet another massive department that provides a full range of solutions, starting from hand showers, showerheads, and body sprays, and ending with valves, receptors, lockers, and other accessories. Trademark “BodySpa” waterfalls and jet towers (eight or ten jets) rival Delta's most technologically and therapeutically advanced shower offerings.


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