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Kohler Kitchen Faucets Review: Centerset, Widespread, Bar Taps, Spouts, Single-Hole,

Updated on January 10, 2015

Kohler Kitchen Faucet

Kohler selection of kitchen faucets is not as varied as that of bathroom and lavatory: the stress on utility and function rules out some of the more elaborate, decorative collections; while exerting powerful atmospheric effects in the bathroom, they would become unnecessarily overlaboured in the kitchen.

The company compensates by altering and modifying the shape of spouts in existing lines, creating arching, straight, and more complex designs – all of which, while serving a clear functional purpose, also add to aesthetic variety, and can be viewed as miniature sculptures.

Single control system becomes especially prominent in kitchen faucets: this type of installation saves precious space around the sink, and allows to manipulate the stream with one hand, or even finger. Pull-out models allow to transform the spout into a shower-like instrument that gives greater mobility. Such auxiliary implements as pot fillers and watersprays often complete the configuration. Delta, American Standard, Moen, Grohe, and other brands offer their own range of these fixtures.

Available installations include single-hole, centerset, widespread, and wall-mounted. Finishes comprise chrome, stainless, nickel, and even white or black painted. Let's take a look at some of the collections (we recommend reading our review on sink faucets for a closer discussion of Antique, Coralais, Karbon, Memoirs, and other lines):

Kohler Kitchen Faucet
Kohler Kitchen Faucet


  • Evoke presents a modern, understated, industrial-inspired design that emphasizes simplicity, straight lines, and angular contours whenever possible. Available in single handle control and pullout modes, it looks like an overturned hook, aiming to conceal rather than boast the technological features Kohler equipped it with.

  • Hirise collection offers an indispensable in some kitchens “mount-bridge” type of faucet – generous, thin arch that enables comfortable manipulation of both itself and the dishes&tools below it. Includes a deck or wall mount pot filler. Lever handles.

  • Parq is a close relative of Hirise and Simplice: providing the option of classic cruciform handles besides lever ones, and featuring a more elaborate, bifurcating, steam-engine-like pipework, it relies on the same arching spout form.

  • Purist exhibits a simplified version of Evoke – cylindric rather than rectangular in contours, it reduces to minimum all components, creating a almost harsh, uncompromising look that projects surprising undertones of Utopia and perfection. One of Kohler's riskiest offerings, it goes even further in simplification in the lavatory.

  • Revival harks back to traditional builds, rivaling Delta Allora and Addison; the arch of the spout lends the faucet the necessary functional character, while the handles and the basis of the implement display some decorative metalwork. Available in both kitchen and bathroom/lavatory variations.


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