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Kohler Kitchen, Lavatory, Bathroom Sinks Review: Countertop, Undercounter, Pedestal, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Kohler Sinks

Kohler sinks constitute not only one of the brand's largest – but also one of its most creative departments. Besides classically designed counter-top and undercounter sinks, this vast segment includes more subtly modified self-rimming or metal-frame rim models, the column based pedestal variations, wall-mounts, and, probably the most unorthodox of them all, the vessels.

Vessels differ from traditional sinks in almost every functional and aesthetic respect: they are stand alone containers that appear mobile (and are indeed more easily replaced or removed), they feature irregular shapes imitating geometric forms other than ovals, circles, or rectangles, and, they naturally bind with modern, and particularly eastern décor and design ideas.

Materials and colors comprise yet another important and richly developed factor in Kohler lavatories. Here yet again traditional and orthodox substances appear besides technologically advanced and elaborate ones: fireclay and marble, bronze and iron, glass and steel, and more. In terms of color, while familiar shades of white vitreous china determine the palette of a range of classic collections, more adventurous and festive configurations introduce metalwork, botanical motifs, and other textural and visual embellishments.

All in all, Kohler offer over two hundred of various sinks for the kitchen and the bathroom lavatory, effectively competing with American Standard and Moen. Let's take a look at some of the collections:

Kohler Sink
Kohler Sink


  • Archer includes most major types of sinks: countertop (with rims), undercounter, and pedestal. Transitional in style, it opts for clean lines that abandon the heavy decoration of Victorian era or Art nouveau for more modern, simplified looks.

  • Brenham offers wall-mount lavatory in single built yet multiple faucet and soap dispenser configurations; it's a classic that relies on understatement and straightforward design that prizes utility and simplicity above all.

  • Bancroft presents another classic architectural style that's slightly softer than Archer, yet essentially fits into the same transitional category. Includes several modes of pedestal sinks, undercounter, and countertops. Colors range from white, to gray, and “black black.”

  • Camber employs the perfect circle as its fundamental shape, complimenting it with wide radially symmetrical rims; the round layout emanates something tempting and natural, as if embodying the word “soft” in its shape.

  • Leighton pedestal and self-rimming sinks and lavatories echo Archer and Bancroft, but veer towards contemporary minimalism with focus on comfort: the elliptic shape of the basins leaves more space for the aquatic procedures, and instills calm and confidence.

  • Memoirs collection takes us back to ancient Greek (perhaps Spartan) inspired Doric and Composite style designs, where rectangular shapes and levels project both ultimate clarity and toughness. An expressive, powerful design.

  • Nature's Chemistry sinks are made of glass, marble, and bronze – less common materials that lend the products a unique textural and atmospheric feel. The shape of these lavatories is appropriately more fluid and distinct.

  • Persuade completes Brenham with stable integrated and basin-type designs ready-made with various faucet installations in mind. Coming in whites, grays, and black, it bespeaks simple confidence and strength via its circle-withing-rectangle configuration.

  • Portrait reveals more elaborate, playful contours in Continental style; includes pedestal, wall-mount, and other modes of installation arriving in addition to the familiar Kohler palette in interesting yellowish and blue tones.

  • Reve introduces a selection of pyramid formed sinks, resting on pedestals or single standing, which reveal Eastern influence that will grow more notable in other collections. Also combines with matching vanities and shrouds.

  • Strela can be viewed as a softened Reve – the geometric inspired lines and steps give way to softly sloping architecture resembling a giant fingerprint in dough. Playful, but also nature conscious, works well with gray and beige shades.

  • Vertycle brings Kohler into modernist and minimalist territory (Bauhaus influences), where the simplicity of the sink becomes an artistic statement rather than an understatement. Arrives in vitreous china and trademark Kohler palette.


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