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Kohler Showers, Shower-head, Handshowers, Body Sprays, Doors, Handles Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Kohler Shower

Kohler shower department stands out as the brand's most diverse and modular in terms of types of products and accessories: besides the wide range of actual plumbing equipment, the company also provides an entire selection of shower receptors, floor or wall-mounted seats, and doors. Kohler make the task of choosing a desired package of products easier by offering modules where everything is included – similar to the suite approach in bathtub installations.

The competition in this field is very strong: Delta, American Standard, Moen, Grohe, and other brands all vying for the customer's attention.

Aqua Streams

Shower experiences include trademark WaterHeaven, BodySpa, and other, more traditional and classic water streaming. It's obvious that Kohler treat showering as a therapeutic procedure – not just a hygienic one – and aim to build micro-climates where the body receives a maximized relaxing or invigorating cleansing. In order to achieve this, the showerheads, mounted to the wall, the ceiling, or auxiliary bars, spray and conduct the water in countless variations of streams, aquatic textures, drops, jets and more – all of which mix and enhance each other, eventually landing on the skin.


The cornerstone of a salubrious shower, a receptor's most important quality is its resistance to any sort of leaking – a quality Kohler specifically make a point of promising to the clients. Regarding aesthetics, the company's receptors tend to dovetail to the rest of the bathroom, rarely drawing particular attention. Some of the most elaborate items feature an integrated seat; decorative drain covers conceal the metallic parts that conduct water away from the premises – creating a unified visual experience as well.

Kohler Showerhead
Kohler Showerhead

Showerheads and Rainheads

Kohler design their showerheads according to collections, reintroducing such familiar from sinks, kitchen and bathroom faucets titles as Bancroft, Devonshire, Coralais, Forte, Memoirs, Purist, Revival, and others. Specialized, shower dedicated collections include WaterTile (a rectangular stationary showerhead, arranged in four multi-piece panels in some variations), and three-way MasterShower. Rainheads comprise a series of flat, round or square metallic heads that descent from the ceiling, releasing water – a classic, traditional design.

Hand Showers

Another segment organized according to collections, Hand Showers arrive in chrome, nickel, bronze, or French gold finishes, and a wide range of shapes and forms. Shift line present a modern microphone-like build, while Memoirs opts for a traditional, bell-like structure. Matching accessories include slide bars, elbows, holders, and brackets.


These are the products that acts as minor yet essential comfort elements without which bathing can become frustrating: hand-rails and grab-bars, shower baskets to hold all the shampoo bottles, and shower lockers and seats.


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