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Kohler Toilets Review: Tanks, Bowls, Bidets; Collections, Comfort Height, Colors, Seats

Updated on January 10, 2015

Kohler Toilets

Though Kohler's selection of toilets is not as broad as that of sinks – less then a hundred models compared to the vast assortment of over two hundred lavatories – this inventory makes a strong impression in terms of quality and utility, as well as the aesthetic aspect of design and color.

Kohler toilets come in either one or two piece tank configurations (in the former the tank attaches architecturally to the bowl itself, in the latter it connects via additionally installed plumbing implements), and two basic shapes: round and elongated. Varieties include elongated-compact, and round front.

Recognizing the significance of comfort factor, the company offers many of its toilet collections in comfort heights, and render them ADA compliant – that is, can be used by people with disabilities. Colors comprise a range of neutral white, gray, and beige shades, complemented from the warm and the cool scale by blues, greens, yellows, and pinks – all in very soft, understated tint. The “black black” tone is probably the most expressive in this palette.

While in terms of material variety toilets again concede to sinks, technologically they take back with interest what's been lost in texture: dual and single flush, and power and pressure lite systems of flushing provide the necessary versatility (emulating American Standard).

Let's take a look at some of the collections:

Kohler Elongated Toilet
Kohler Elongated Toilet


  • Cimarron toilets comprise a master collection that offers both round and elongated bowl models, with either one or two piece tank types, all equipped with latest flushing and water saving technologies (trademark Class Six, Dry Lock). Comfort height and quietly closing seats, combined with a different colors complete the design functionally and aesthetically. A Kohler classic.

  • Devonshire collection presents a more stylized design where the pedestal edges, the tank, and the bowl rims display architectural, ancient column inspired ornament. It exhibits a more relaxed, atmospheric style that seems to encourage spending that extra minute in its company. Elongated, one or two piece tank.

  • Highline deploys Class Five and Pressure Lite flushing technologies on toilets where the bowls rest on notably more slender pedestals than in Cimarron, and incorporate metallic hoops around the seats for an extra décor detail. One or two piece tank, comfort height. Interestingly, Highline resembles a steamboat pipe.

  • Memoirs echoes Devonshire in contours, but works especially well with the round front design: though available in elongated as well, it's in the round shape where it's particular build stands out. Class Five flushing system, and comfort height, and insulating tank liner.

  • Revival stand out for its cylindric, retro influenced, column-like pedestal, and elongated, elegant tank reminiscent of a beehive – which volume contains a larger than usual amount of water, contributing to an extra-effective and quick flushing.

  • Wellworth is well worth our attention because of its classic industrial design (elongated, round) and affordable price – all of which still enable Kohler to equip the toilets with trademark Class Five flushing, Dry Lock water saving, left or right hand levers, and other customizations.


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