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Krups Cafe Centro Time Coffee Maker

Updated on January 26, 2010

Like many machines that combine drip and espresso brewing functions, the Krups Cafe Centro Time is designed to be a "one-stop" unit. This combination 10-cup programmable drip coffee maker and espresso/cappuccino machine features an advanced heating system to produce espresso beverages, frothed and steamed milk, and hot water for tea or hot chocolate. The drip coffee maker has a clock/timer that can be set to start brewing 24 hours in advance, and it features a 20 second "Stop 'n Serve" function so you can pour a cup in mid brew. It is available in black with white detailing.

Krups Cafe Centro Time Coffee Maker Controls                              
Controls for the Krups Cafe Centro Time run the gamut, with some needing only the push of a button while others require a bit of finesse. The machine divides controls by function. On a centrally located control panel on the front of the machine, you will see all the buttons that control the drip coffee and espresso units. The buttons that control each side are separated and clearly labeled. Both units have an individual on/off button, but they cannot be used at the same time. Pressing the on/off button on the drip coffee side will turn off the espresso side and vice versa. There are red indicator lights next to each switch that illuminate when that side is being used.

The drip coffee maker's on/off switch begins brewing and will continue to warm the hot plate until one of the on/off buttons is pressed. If neither button is pressed, the machine will automatically shut down 2 hours after brewing. The drip coffee maker can be programmed to brew up to 24 hours in advance, and it offers a 20 second "Stop 'n Serve" to let pour a cup in mid brew.

The espresso machine has three indicator lights, including the on/off light. While the machine is heating up, the middle button will illuminate and appear yellow. When it is heated to brewing temperature, this light will turn off. To begin brewing you press the brew button, which has a picture of a cup above it. Brewing will illuminate a green light that will shut off when the brewing button is pressed again and brewing ceases. After this, the yellow light will come on again, indicating that the machine is reheating. When the yellow light goes off, you can begin steaming and frothing by using the knob located on the left side of the machine, above the steam wand. Krups does not recommend steaming before brewing because the temperature for steaming is greater than the brew temperature so you can run the risk of burning your espresso.

Krups Cafe Centro Time Coffee Maker Performance

The Krups Cafe Centro Time does well with the basics. There aren't any extraordinary features for either the espresso or drip coffee maker, however that simplicity makes it a very easy machine to use. The pressurized portafilter contributes to this ease. Although it doesn't give you the fine-tuning capability that you get with a commercial style portafilter, it does produce a very good product without some of the hassle. The machine makes relatively standard coffee and espresso, and the steam wand performs fairly well with minimum effort. Clean up can also be a bit of a project if you've been using both portions of the machine. But what really sets this machine apart is that it provides both of these capabilities fairly well, and manages to do it in a compact, easy to use unit.

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