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Krups Cafe Centro Time Coffee Maker, Part II

Updated on January 26, 2010

The machine is light and compact despite its dual capabilities. This machine is made primarily of plastic, with a removable plastic drip tray. Constructed of metal and plastic, the portafilter, used for making espresso, is somewhat small and lightweight. The control mechanisms are clearly labeled and set apart, making it very easy to be confident that you are using the right controls.

The drip coffee maker's carafe incorporates a number of useful design features. In addition to an easy to grip handle, the carafe features a spout with a plastic grill. This grill is designed to slow the flow of coffee when pouring and prevent spills. Also, the glass carafe has clearly marked fluid indicator lines for both US and metric measurements.

Hot Plate          
The hot plate is made of non-stick metal and is easy to clean. Instead of a hot plate, the espresso maker has a plastic drip tray with a metal grid covering to catch spills and overflow.

The Krups Cafe Centro Time uses separate reservoirs for the espresso and drip coffee makers. Both are located at the rear of the machine and are accessible through a single lid. The removable espresso reservoir holds 37 ounces. Although it has a plastic carrying handle, it's somewhat awkward to fill at a sink because it is tall, thin and narrow. The drip coffee maker's reservoir holds 50 oz., enough for one 10-cup pot, and is deep and wide enough for easy pouring.

Krups Cafe Centro Time Coffee Maker Water Filtration

There is no filter or water filtration system. To improve the taste of coffee, you should use filtered or bottled water with any machine. This will also help to improve the longevity of the machine.

Coffee Filter

The drip coffee maker uses a #4 paper cone filter. The machine also comes with single and double shot filter baskets for use with the espresso maker.


The Krups Cafe Centro Time comes with 5 paper cone filters and a coffee scoop. Filter re-order instructions are included in the instruction booklet.

Krups Cafe Centro Time Coffee Maker Advanced Thermoblock

Advanced Thermoblock System makes it possible to get enough pressure to create authentic crema - just like you would expect at your favorite restaurant or coffee house.

Crematic System

1 and 2 cup crema sieves power the crematic system, ensuring optimal coffee extraction and perfectly brewed espresso.

Hot Water Dispenser

If you want hot water for any reason be it Hot Chocolate, Tea or Americanos it is very easy to do. Controls allow water to be dispensed through the steam wand.

Perfect Froth

Krups patented attachment delivers precise amounts of steam and air for the perfect cappuccino and latte.

Removable Reservoir

The removable 37 ounce reservoir is located on the top of the machine for easy access. It can be filled in place or removed for filling at the sink.


A removable drip tray allow you to clean the machine with ease.

24 Hour Programmable

"Wake-up" feature allows you to program coffee making up to 24 hours in advance. This machine automatically shuts off after 2 hours for added safety.

Digital Controls with Indicator Lights

A digital clock is used to program the "Wake-up" feature as well as perform the auto shutoff. Indicator lights illuminate according to the machines functions. Also featured is an illuminated On/Off switch...great for those early mornings!

Krups Cafe Centro Time Coffee Maker Stop 'n Serve Technology

The carafe can be removed anytime during the brewing process to pour a single cup of coffee. The carafe must be replaced immediately to prevent an overflow in the filter.


The drip coffee maker half of this machine has its own reservoir located at the top for easy refilling. It has a 10-cup, 50 oz. capacity.


A metal non-sick warming plate keep your coffee hot for hours.


A swinging filter basket allows you to add coffee grounds easily and quickly.

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