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Krups DuoThek Therm Coffee Maker

Updated on January 26, 2010

Many manufacturers realize that people who entertain often wish they had a coffee maker that could brew large amounts of coffee, or two different types of coffee simultaneously. The Krups Duothek Therm brews up to 16 cups of coffee directly into 2 smoothed plastic, glass-lined carafes. With a separate boiler and control system for each carafe, you can brew two pots of the same coffee, or two different coffees. This makes the Krups Duothek Therm ideal when you need to brew full pots of regular and decaf. This machine also features deep brew aroma control technology, which adjusts water flow to maintain flavor when brewing smaller batches of coffee. Quantity controls for the left carafe allow you to brew as few as 1 - 3 cups while you brew a full pot in the right. It is available in polished white plastic.

Krups DuoThek Therm Coffee Maker Controls

The Krups Duothek Therm uses minimal controls. The coffee maker has two carafes, each with a separate boiler and control system. The controls consist of three rocker switches located near the bottom of the machine between the two carafes. The carafe on the right side is designed to only brew a full 8-cup pot of coffee. To operate it, just flip on the red switch. This will illuminate the switch and turn on the boiler to brew the coffee. There are two control switches that operate the left carafe. The red one is the on/off switch. Just as with the right, it turns the power on and off. The white switch is an "Aroma Control" switch that changes the speed of the hot water flow over the coffee, so you can set it for 1 to 3 cups or 4 to 8 cups. There are no timers, digital displays, stop and serve, or other programmable features.

Krups DuoThek Therm Coffee Maker Performance

The Krups Duothek Therm delivers on its promise to brew two pots of coffee, though its overall performance is average. The water is dispersed onto the coffee through a single hole, so distribution over the coffee can be uneven. Overall, the flavor is good in both the full pot and smaller pot settings.

Krups DuoThek Therm Coffee Maker Construction                 
The Krups Duothek Therm has a glossy plastic housing. Look out for the occasional unfinished edge, or a small piece of untrimmed plastic usually in a harmless spot like the base.

The Krups Duothek Therm's carafes are notable for several design features. Made of plastic and glass lined, they have an oddly rounded spout that generally pours without a drip. The top of the carafe may take a little time to get used to; it is difficult to align the threads inside the rim and along the lid. You also need to be careful not to screw the lid too tightly, or it will be difficult to remove. The carafes have no water level indicator lines. However, there is an external water level display on the front of the machine that makes it easy to tell how much water is in the reservoir.

Hot Plate                            
Thermal carafes eliminate the need for a hot plate. Krups recommends sealing the carafe with the lid as soon as possible after brewing to retain maximum heat.

The two separate reservoirs, located behind each of the carafes, require a fair amount of clearance when being filled. With the lids opened, the machine stands very tall. You will need a minimum of 19" of space. On the front of the machine and in-between the two carafes are two separate water level indicators, one for each reservoir.

Water Filtration                          
There is no water filter included with the Krups Duothek Therm. Bottled water can alleviate the necessity to filter your water, however it is recommended to use one of these methods. Using filtered water helps to keep the inside of the machine clean while enhancing coffee flavor.

Coffee Filter                        
It takes a few steps to properly use the coffee filter of the Krups Duothek Therm. When brewing, the top of the carafe is removed and the coffee filter, with holder, is set directly atop the carafe. Then the carafe is placed into the machine. After the coffee is brewed, you remove the carafe and the filter holder from the machine, and then screw on the top of the carafe. With these extra steps, you may spill a couple of drops of coffee while removing the filter. The machine uses a paper cone filter, but it can accommodate a goldtone filter.

Accessories for the Krups Duothek Therm include a coffee spoon, along with 5 paper cone filters. An instruction book with information for filter re-ordering is also included.


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      Cristian 4 years ago

      Nice review. I have one of these as well, owned it for about a year now. The cisalsc rounded corner square face echoes the original G-Shock. I had one of those, but lost it a long time ago. Having the GW-M5600BC feels like I've got the old one back, but with a new and improved look. The band is fantastic. I seriously prefer it over the resin buckle style bands. Good heft without feeling too heavy. My only gripe is radio sync is not as sensitive compared to my Citizen watches.