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Krups Moka Brew Coffee Maker

Updated on March 20, 2011

It's safe to say that Krups Moka Brew is one of the most unique drip coffee makers you'll ever see, innovative in its steam brewing process and ultra stylish in design. Instead of having heated water spray or drip directly onto ground coffee, the Krups Moka Brew converts water into steam and uses that pressure to extract flavor from the coffee. The 8-cup Krups Moka Brew is also unique in design and construction, with a base water reservoir machine and the coffee filter atop the carafe. Krups Moka Brew has a striking, even revolutionary, look with polished metal and black plastic components.

Krups Moka Brew Coffee Maker Controls                                                                   

With a Krups Moka Brew, you gain the most control after learning the steps for preparing the coffee. This is especially true for understanding the location and function of interlocking parts, since the machine's brewing differs dramatically from most other machines. It may take a little time to become familiar with the parts, where they fit, and how to properly open and close sections of the machine. The coffee maker features a single power switch, located on the base. On the top of the machine, there is a safety button release that is used to disengage the carafe from the upper frame of the machine when brewing is completed. The Krups Moka Brew can brew anywhere from 2 to 8 cups of coffee at a time.

Krups Moka Brew Coffee Maker Performance

It may take some time to master the process of preparing a pot of coffee with a Krups Moka Coffee Brewer. There are many unfamiliar steps and parts. The biggest challenge is filling the chamber with ground coffee. It is a shallow basket, more akin to what is used with an espresso machine than a typical drip coffee maker, so you do need to pay a little bit more attention than usual to this step. In addition, Krups recommends using a finer grind setting for the Moka than for other machines. The instructions suggest using 1 rounded tbsp. of coffee that is slightly coarser than a typical espresso grind. With this finer grind and a paper filter that tends to adhere to the metal filter chamber, clean up can take some extra time. That said, Krups Moka Brew produces an exceptional cup of coffee, making the extra time worthwhile.

Krups Moka Brew Coffee Maker Construction

No doubt about it, a Krups Moka Coffee Brewer is a very distinctive looking coffee maker. Solid and compact, it features polished metal and sturdy black plastic components. The metal pieces, including the filter basket, are particularly solid, and the coils are thick and clearly heavy duty. Unlike the vast majority of coffee makers, it does not have the top-heavy look of machines that locate water reservoirs above the carafe. Because the process is so different from traditional drip coffee makers, allow some extra time to familiarize yourself with the machine before you use it.


The glass carafe with the Krups Moka Brew differs from virtually all other carafes you may have seen. Ground coffee is set in a filter chamber that sits in the top of the carafe. During brewing, coffee drips down directly through a tightly sealed lid to avoid heat loss. The carafe is held in place with a safety latch; there's no need to worry that it will slide out of place and cause any dripping or spilling. The 40-ounce reservoir has easy to read water level indicators that have dual gradations for US and metric equivalents.

Hot Plate

The stainless steel hot plate sits directly above the main heat elements. This provides an excellent heat source and keeps coffee ready to serve. The main power switch, located on the base of the machine, controls the hot plate.


You may do a double take when you first see the reservoir of the Krups Moka Brew. The reservoir sits at the base of the machine, underneath the carafe. It holds enough for a full pot, although it may seem small at first glance. In the reservoir, large metal coils convert water into steam that flows up the side channels to the top arm where it condenses and comes into contact with ground coffee.

Water Filtration

There are no tools for filtering water with the Krups Moka Brew. Use bottled or filtered water to eliminate the chemical taste that often results from using tap water.

Coffee Filter

As you might expect with a machine so radically different in design and function, the Krups Moka Coffee Brewer employs its own unique filter system and process. The machine uses a #1 style paper filter. It is round and a non-standard size, so it may not be as readily available as standard size filters if you need to find some in a pinch, but Krups does include 100 filters with the machine. The filter must be moistened prior to adding ground coffee and placed on the base of a metal filter holder that is attached to the lid of the carafe.


100 #1 paper filters are come with the Krups Moka Brew. Filter re-order instructions are also included.


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    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      8 years ago from Toronto

      It's a major brand, so it should be very easy. :)

    • profile image

      Grace Coffee Junkie 

      8 years ago

      Most unique, indeed! Will it be easy for me to get the accessories for this coffee maker?

    • profile image

      Single Serve Coffee Makers 

      8 years ago

      Its sleek and stylish. A cup of coffee from it would surely be a treat. This is going to add to the kitchen collection's ambiance.


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