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LED Desk Lamps: What You Need To Know

Updated on October 8, 2016
Beacon 600 Black Led Desk Lamp
Beacon 600 Black Led Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

A desk lamp sometimes also has a switch to control the lamp if it needs to be turned on or off. It might also have reflectors for directing the light that comes out of the bulb. Lamps have plugs that need to be connected to electric outlets. They also have different plug types depending to the manufacturer. Lamps are also required to have outer shell housing that protects the bulb from being broken, damaged, or be touched by small kids. Other manufacturers also produce portable desk lamps that are being powered by batteries for outdoor purposes. Its battery can be rechargeable or be disposable.

Desk lamps were mainly oil lamps until in the 19th century. It was also light fueled by a coal gas that first came out in the 1800s. Petroleum oil developed into desk lamps’ main source of fuel in the middle of the 19th century. Prior to that, electric desk lamps’ history had already started. Desk lamp manufacturing began when the incandescent light bulb was invented that uses fluorescent lighting. Then many companies in the United States began to manufacture this product. Desk lamp design became well-known throughout the Art Deco movement between 1920 and 1930. Flexible arms and adjustable lampshades could be located in desk lamps that are made by Germany’s Bauhaus School, and those made by Peter Behrens, a designer and architect in Germany who worked for AEG, an electronics company. Popular desk lamps today consist of Art Deco, the bare bulb style, and fashionable ergonomic designs.

Led One T100 Dimmable Eye Care Desk Lamp
Led One T100 Dimmable Eye Care Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp

The LED desk lamp is a different kind of desk lamp that adds character to your desk and lights your work space, LED is an energy efficient light producing bulb that is a great way to save money and also last for a long time. It can last up to 10-15 years of lifetime depending on the quality of the lamp. LED is also an environmentally friendly a next generation light source that doesn't have a flashing or damaging effect to the eyes. It will minimize your energy bills and the great thing is that you can choose from many different types that are perfect for your desk.

Other LED desk lamps are built with dimming function that will take the light down to save more electricity and to create softer light that is not very harmful for the user’s eyes. It also sometime has an adjustable joint that the user can change into different positions without loosening or damaging the built in screws. LED desk lamps can also come in two different colors, white and yellow. Modern LED desk lamps also now come with a touch pad where the user can personally adjust the brightness and the warmth of the light that comes out from the lamp. LED desk lamps have many revolutionary innovations.


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