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LED Faucet Lightshow

Updated on September 6, 2017

Colored Water

Do you know you can have a light show in your bathroom or kitchen? You can get LED sink faucets with vibrant colored water flowing from the faucet’s water spout. You can also get get them for the shower.

Lightshow for your Concert

Think how cool it is to have colored water coming out of the faucet! If you are one of those people that sing in the shower, you now have a fantastic light show to accompany you.

LEDs are the Best

How is this all possible? LEDs can do just about anything. These bulbs emit low heat. They have a very high light output, are long lasting, and green. That's green as in energy efficient.


While these LED faucets are really cool and will amaze you every time you us it, the is another adThe color of the water will tell you if the water is hot or cold. Blue water is cold. Red water is hot.
Might not seem like a big deal to an adult, but it can save you children from being scalded. Plus they may brush their teeth longer and take longer showers. After all, it is hard to walk away from colored water. You may have to chase them out of the bathroom.


So if upgrading the bathroom or kitchen is on the honey do list, why not take a look at LED faucets.


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