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Philips LED LivingColors Lamp

Updated on March 20, 2011

Philips LED Lamp

If you're looking for something a little different, fun, and unique, then you're looking for a lamp. Yes, a lamp.

I know, you're probably thinking how is a lamp any different from any other lamp. Right?

Well, this lamp is cool. It uses LED lights to emit tons of different color combinations. The small, round lamp is able to light up an entire room in blue, green, red, purple, yellow, orange, and just about any color in-between.

These lamps are great for parties, family night, game night, and so much more. It's a great way to set the mood for anything from a child's birthday party to a romantic evening with your partner.

There are different types of LED lamps that you can buy, but the Philips LivingColor has been found to be the most popular and the most effective for what it's supposed to do. The LED lamp by Philips is not only the most long-lived, but the best overall quality.

Below, I've introduced the two LivingColor LED lamps by Philips, the 818566 model and the 69143/60/48 model. The 2nd generation model does have more perks and features, but both lamps are pretty much the same in regards to usage and price.

Philips 818566 LivingColors

  • Projects 16 million colors
  • 256 colors
  • Up to 16 million different color combinations
  • 4 LED's (2 red, 1 blue, 1 green)
  • Intuitive remote control
  • Dimmer function
  • Alter light intensity

Philips 69143/60/48 LivingColors Generation 2

  • 50% more light
  • Link multiple LivingColors (up to 6)
  • Automatic mode
  • 16 million colors
  • Intuitive remote control
  • Dimming and color intensity

Buy Philips LivingColors LED

The Philips LivingColors LED lamp is bright enough to emit enough light to brighten a wall, ceiling, corner, or an entire room. You'll find that they are great for parties, game nights, or family events.

The Philips LED lamp has a round design with a sweeping cone-shaped interior to best emit the most light. The bottom is flat for the most stability.

The cool thing is that these lamps do not emit any heat, so you can leave it on all day, and it will be cool to the touch.

Use a dry wipe to clean off the dust and debris that the lamp may collect, but other than that, it won't need much cleaning.

The Philips LED light lamp includes a remote control with a touch-sensitive color wheel. The remote control allows you to pick a color and intensity. You can dim the light or increase the light as you feel the need. The remote even remembers the previous setting that you had the lamp on when you turned it off last.

Both generation LED lamp by Philips contains a one year warranty. In most cases, the normal lifespan for LED lamps is about 8 to 10 years with about 1 and 1/2 hours of use a day.

When you open the box, you have the lamp, power cable, remote control, and three starter AAA batteries.


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