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LG Vacuum Cleaner - Model: LuV300B

Updated on March 27, 2011

LG Vacuum Cleaner - Model: LuV300B

Do you believe that a vacuum cleaner can cure your asthma? Yes LG Vacuum Cleaner - Model: LuV300B can. Read on to know how. My wife had asthma from her early childhood. Her mother had never allowed her to help in cleaning ad never allowed to go outside in windy and dusty weather. She starts wheezing and coughing whenever she wanted to do cleaning and dusting.

When I went to shop vacuum cleaner for her a sleek looking vacuum cleaner caught my eye. I saw some mention about Asthma and Allergy Association of America in the brochure, which I did not take seriously at the time. After my wife started using this cleaner she does not face the problem of wheezing. This vacuum cleaner has an HEPA allergen filter that catches 99.5% of house hold allergens, that has cured my wheezing problem.

LG Vacuum Cleaner - Model: LuV300B

It's Sleek and Elegant too
It's Sleek and Elegant too

New Dust Collecting Method

After the arrival of the new cleaner the weekly sequence of cleaning, wheezing and taking medication stopped. Of course, a vacuum cleaner cannot be prescribed as a cure to asthma. But using a LG Vacuum Cleaner - Model: LuV300B helps stop wheezing and coughing when attending to household cleaning chores.

Our new LG Vacuum Cleaner - Model: LuV300Bis many times better than the old one we had because of its great suction power, good looks and the revolutionary new technology. Its dust collection method is different to the old cleaner. It does not have a bag for collecting dust. All the dust collected by a blade and is compressed to a dust bin. Need for frequent emptying of the dust also is minimized.

It's Easy to Work With

It has a long power cord is comparable to an industrial cleaner’s power cord and is 40 ft long. Long corridors and halls can be cleaned without the need pulling out and of plugging the cord many times.

It has a handy “control wand” that can be detached making it possible to reach anywhere within15ft from the machine. Having the controls at the finger tips eliminates the need for running to the machine to switch on and off. Catching all the dusts in the edges and crevices is not a big deal with the innovative suction mechanism using dual force and central suction paths. It helps making the house cleaning ritual an easy job. Good bye to a wheezing, tired day after the cleaning.

It's a Work Horse

My wife loves her new vacuum cleaner not only it has cured her asthma and made it easy for her to clean the house without much sweat. She loves its looks. She always made it a point to keep the old cleaner in hiding but the new cleaner is a beauty. It looks like an ornament even if it is left in the hall. Elegant looks and the nice blue color supplement the value of this great cleaner. LG Vacuum Cleaner - Model: LuV300Bis a friend, a beauty and a work horse. My wife loves her new cleaner and I am happy that I selected that for her. 

LG Vacuum Cleaner - Model: LuV300B is the best Hepa vaccum cleaner


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