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Women Attempting DIY Construction Building Upgrades Home Repairs Decorating & Re modelling?

Updated on January 23, 2013

Ladies DIY Construction Builders Home Repairs Decorating & Remodelling!

It was not that many years ago when it was almost unheard of for any woman to attempt building works upgrades DIY construction remodeling repairs & barely any painting plastering faux & decorating tasks at all. And that is to say not on a recognized professional trade level working on construction sites & contracting for local businesses & taking on jobs in people’s homes & houses & building premises & office establishments as it is today.

Sure, there have always been attempts by the lady of the house concerning DIY working in her own home apartment or flat & she’d always help out her family & friends with her nifty DIY skills too especially as many of these women were independent single mums & ladies with busy husbands & women that were just starting out on the housing ladder & wanted to save a few bucks by attempting such building works, decorating & repairs as such!

And believe it or not there were quite a few reasons in the olden days for a woman not to become a builder as per say & you can make up your own mind because I’m not here to judge or impart any kind of input of past outlooks & views by old fashioned male misconceptions concerning women’s lack of rights or the extreme idea that women may have been the weaker sex both mentally & physically so the role was too strong for them &/or of their emotions because women were stereotyped as having only certain roles within the home.

But that was in the olden days! Women are women & guys are guys & we are all equal creatures of the universe.

What I would like to talk about here is one of the most underlying aspects preventing many women completing their own tricky trade piece within the home so she can save some money & proudly instill the glow of satisfaction of doing it herself besides knowing that it was done properly! And this reason concerning knowing how to attempt a building skill with steps to follow to instill knowledge & confidence also goes for guys too to gain the knowledge & the confidence to attempt their own DIY decorating & building repairs in their homes & the homes of their friends!

So what is this missing element that prevents so many folk from attempting such tasks within their homes?

To Gain Knowledge we Learn from Others!

Information of course!

I remember many years ago & always being creative & I wanted to spice up the décor around my first home! Sure I had to start from scratch but two aspects that prevented me from attempting to do such a building, repair or decorating job was actually knowing what to do & then having the confidence on how to do it properly in the first place?

Besides small & minor repairs within the home I wanted to attempt my own decorating, wall & ceiling art effects & my main passion was to complete my ceilings with works of art that not only myself, but others were astounded by, using drywall texture as a finish!

Forget the knockdown faux & starburst wet drywall texture patterns because the capabilities of using such compounds are very imaginative & amazing whereas you could apply a 3D effect finish by letting your imagination run amok that is both pleasing to the eye as well as covering a multitude of bad surfaces hiding cracks & imperfections on ceilings & walls.

I started out on my road to discover information showing how I could learn the art of drywall texture finishing, or, as it is called here in the UK, ARTEXING!

But there was nothing!

There was none, not a single piece of information showing how to apply & create finishes using drywall over my ceilings & walls & not even how to prepare a surface before beginning my task other than to call in a professional & pay him vast amounts of money or trying to work with him then pick up the art of drywall finishes along the way.

Since then times have certainly changed because through my experience of teaching myself this drywall art finish I now create such information that other folks have benefited for over three years but mainly my base customers are usually more women than men & this is what inspired me to write this piece besides I always admire & stand by folk who like to help themselves!

These step by step guides & DVD’s are very popular & the most unique DIY subjects within the USA & Canada for drywall as a finish & are very imaginative whereas I usually receive wows of fantastic comments both on my youtube demonstrations & once the customer has received his or her drywall texturing book & DVD course and the feedback from folk concerning how it helps them to understand, & follow the steps thus providing the knowledge & the confidence to create amazing 3D effect drywall finish texture art & effects & patterns onto their own ceilings & walls at home deeply inspires me whereas the courses have even aided currently practicing drywall contractors to give them that edge over other contractors within their drywall finish businesses.

A flat surface ceiling & wall finish? Or! A three dimensional textured finish? This will always be up to personal taste of the individual as well as the current fashion & trends on decorating at the time or era of the decades.

Many folk regard drywall texturing finishes onto their ceilings & walls as a kind of hobby once they know it can be applied by paint roller without costly equipments whereas the most creative minds tend to focus onto trying out some of these truly imaginative & mainly never seen before techniques & ideas onto the ceilings & walls also a certain tool is used to draw through the laid on texture to create the design! The tool is known as a texturing comb & there is no end to the amazing effects that can be achieved by using this tool.

Please take a look at my websites & take in some demonstrations to see if you can pick up any ideas for yourself.

Many regards. Dale Ovenstone. Please let me know what you think?


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      8 years ago from Wales UK

      So very true Lillygrillzit thank you for your comment.

    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 

      8 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Inspired, thank you so much. I was an environmental construction quality assurance inspector. I started out as "that girl" and ended up "Where is she?, we need Lilly or we aren't doing the job" Katrina, Rita and Environmental policy ended that. :0) They called me sir. Thanks for this Hub, and thank you for giving women props. We are detail in areas that are an asset to DIY and construction.

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      8 years ago from Wales UK

      Your most welcome edelhaus thanks for comment & keep trying!

    • edelhaus profile image


      8 years ago from Munich, Germany

      thanks Dale - I'm a DIY lady myself (or at least I'm trying) so I appreciate the advice.


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