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Ladybug Bedding, Sets, and Decor -Baby, Toddler, and Children (Red, Pink)

Updated on July 3, 2015

Ladybug bedding, sets, and decor come in a multitude of different styles and sizes. You can use the same ladybug bedding set in the crib as well as a toddler bed. By doing this, you'll be able to maintain the same ladybug decor in the rest of the room. can get more life out of that nursery you spent so much time working on!

Ladybugs are thought to bring happiness and good luck, so why not start your little one out with the best!  Check out the different ladybug bedding options that are out there today.

Ladybug Bedding: Kidsline Ladybug Crib Bedding

I may be a little bit biased, but the Ladybug Crib Bedding from Kidsline is my favorite out of all the ladybug themed bedding. My oldest daughter had the entire nursery done in Kidsline ladybug gear. She had the crib bedding, lamp, musical mobile, wall hangings. We painted the wall half light green and half light pink and used the Kidsline wallpaper border as well.

I think the only thing we did not get was the rug that matched the decor. Although, I'm still half tempted to get it so that everything in that room matches. Anyway, Kidsline Ladybug crib bedding is the most complete nursery ladybug theme available. It has the most items to decorate the entire nursery in the same theme.

The ladybugs are cute, but not too cartoon-ish. The ladybug colors are the typical black and red. Also on the items are dragon flies and butterflies. The background colors for the Kidsline ladybug bedding is light green and light pink.

Ladybug Bedding: Kidsline Ladybug Toddler Bedding

Another reason why I love Kidsline Ladybug Bedding - it transitions right into the toddler bedding when needed! They sell a matching pillow case, flat sheet, and a bigger blanket and comforter. The theme can stay with your child a little bit longer, which saves you time and money. No need to buy any more decor since you will already have it!

Ladybug Bedding: Mod Ladybug Crib and Toddler Bedding

Another option in ladybug bedding is the Mod Ladybug set. Very cute pink ladybugs with black dots adorn the bedding. This set also has option decor items, though not as many as Kidsline. If you wanted to stick with pink being your major color in the room, definitely go with the Mod ladybug set. The bedding can also be used for a toddler bed, although no additional bedding is available for the bigger kids.

Ladybug Bedding: Ladybug Bedding for Full, Twin, and Queen Sized Beds

If you were looking to purchase ladybug bedding for an older child, there are quite a few options for you to choose. You can stay with the pink/green combo by purchasing the set by JoJo -it is similar to the Kidsline, but slightly different. Or you can choose the Red and White Polka Dot Ladybug set by JoJo. Each of these sets are cute and a little more grown up than the younger styles.

I think the Red and White Polka Dot Ladybug set by JoJo would be perfect for that tween in your life! Red is a 'grown up' color, but the ladybug keeps it somewhat young. Also, deciding not to chose a pop start kind of theme is good in the long run, because lets face long do tweens really like their pop stars now? A year or two?!? Get something that is going to last, make them happy, and save you a little money!


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