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Ladybugs Items for the Home

Updated on March 12, 2011

Everyone Loves Ladybugs

Ok, maybe not everyone in the world likes ladybugs, but you have to admit- they are pretty cute, for bugs. They are the only bug that I would ever allow to crawl on me, and they always seem pretty polite about it.

These tiny little bugs are so bright and cheery that many people use ladybug inspired items in their home decor. They are particularly fun to use in homes that have children because they look cute and friendly, but they aren't too kid-like to be appropriate for the parents' decor. They are also brightly colored, but not tacky or over the top.

Room by room, here are a few ways to incorporate ladybugs into your overall decor scheme at home without turning it into a shrine to the cute little critters.

Ladybug Bathrooms

I have a ladybug and duck theme in one of our bathrooms. Ladybugs have clean lines and bright color, so they are striking to have in a stark room like a bathroom. A lady bug shower curtain is one way to add a splash of color to the bathroom without painting the room a bright color that you might get tired of.

There are also lady bug shower curtain hooks that add small ladybugs to the very top of the curtain. I have a set of those, and they are so cute to look at. They can be a subtle bit of ladybug color to the room if you don't want to have an overall theme to your bathroom.

If you do want more lady bug goodness in your bathroom, there are ladybug bathroom sets that include toothbrush holders, trash cans, tissue holders and other small bathroom items. Those are fun items for a kids' bathroom. There are also ladybug bath rugs and even toilet seats with ladybugs on them.

Ladybugs in the Kitchen

While you may not want the real thing crawling around  your kitchen, you may like a little bit of friendly ladybuginess in there. An entire ladybug theme in the kitchen might be a little overwhelming, but there are ways to add ladybugs to the kitchen so that a few small touches create a very subtle theme.

Salt and pepper shakers are a good place to start. They are small and fun to use, and having cheery lady bugs on them make them even cuter. They are particularly fun for kids to use. The theme can also extend to the cookie jar, to mixing bowls and to the kitchen towels.

With just a few well-placed items, the bright color and cheery look of lady bugs is brought to the kitchen without creating a kitchen that looks too kitschy. It won't overwhelm the room, and it will add a little fun to your surroundings while you spend your time over a hot stove.

Ladybugs for the Living Room and Bedroom

Every living room and bedroom needs something cheery. Ladybug sheets, comforters, crib bedding and blankets can be used to bring that cheer to bedrooms. I have a large ladybug quilt that I can use on any bed- it's always appropriate. Kids like it, adults like it- everyone seems to like those little critters.

In the bedroom, there are rugs and other bedroom decor that work well to add ladybug touches. A kids room is particularly well suited to this theme, but an adult's room can be made a little more fun with it as well. Think curtains, valances, curtain rods and even ceiling fans. On the walls, add a few vinyl cut outs of ladybugs.

In the living room, there are slipcovers, throw pillows and other small touches that can brighten up the room. If you're a candle enthusiast like I am, you might like to keep decorative ladybug candle holders scattered around the house. Imagine a fancy little lady bug on the table to bring a smile from guests.

One of the more interesting things you can do with those is to fill a large glass bowl about 3/4 full of water. Then, float ladybug floating candles in the bowl. That is a unique decorative touch to a room, but when guests come over, you can actually light the candles for a neat effect from the little critters.


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    • BJBenson profile image

      BJBenson 7 years ago from USA

      I like lady bugs. In germany They believe that that the lady bug brings good luck.