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Laminate Wood Floor Care and After Warranty

Updated on November 6, 2010

Laminated Wood Floor Care

Laminated Wood Floor

Note: Some are made from rubber. Care would be same as listed here.

**** Important note: Most of these imitation wood floor comes with limited warranty. Please do not attempt to do anything other than what is allowed in the warranty specification. During and even after the warranty period, you can always consult the factory for cleaning and care of the products.

Daily care

1: Dust mop or sweep

2: Damp mop with neutral cleaner(PH 5-7). Follow the direction of cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer of the product for daily mopping.

Occasional scrubbing

1: Dust mop or vacuum the floor.

2: Dilute neutral cleaner into a mop bucket (2 to 3 times heavier dilution than normal daily cleaning) and lay very thin coat (just enough to use cleaning pad or brush) of solution in a small area at a time.

Remember: Do not leave any big puddles of water on the floor for a long period of time could damage the floor.

3: Scrub with white or red pad or red pad with a buffer/Floor machine (if small area- use deck brush or doodle bug pad holder with red doodle bug pad. If available use a soft poly brush and scrub with buffer/floor machine to dig into grains in the wood.

4: Rinse off with clean water.

Floor is very dull and considering for some finish on it?

Note: Make sure that the warranty on the product is over before you do this one.

You can.

Note: If you need to tape off all areas that you do not want any finish to go on (use painters tape).

1: Follow above steps to clean the floor thoroughly.

2: Let the floor completely dry.

Note: Make sure that there is no dust, hair, etc on the floor, before laying a first coat of finish.

3: Lay 1 coat of floor finish with finish mop or micro fiber mop head and let it dry.

Important note: Lay a thin coat, nice and smooth application. Take time to do it right.

Note: Catch the corners and edges first.

4: Lay 2nd coat of finish and let it dry completely.

Note: You can put more than 2 coats, if you want to. Up to 4 coats.

5: Do not let anyone walk on it for 3-4 hours. Always test a small area first.

Here is a video instruction on how to clean and apply finish on imitation wood floor.

Once you lay finish on the laminated wood floor, unless it is really necessary, do not use strip and wax floor. Use top scrub and refinishing method.

Instead of using regular finish, try water based wood floor finish. It is more durable and lasts longer on laminated wood floor. If the floor is made of rubber type material, you can use regular floor finish.

Disclaimer: EK Internet will not be responsible for any damages. You will be responsible for any actions you take to care for your own properties or your customers. If you are not sure what you are doing, always contact the manufacturer of the product for more consultation first, before doing anything special type of cleaning or consider laying any floor finish.

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How to apply finish on laminated wood floor


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