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Landscape Signage

Updated on February 25, 2013

By creating beautiful scenery or object signage, your name will be known, become a landmark for directions and outshine all conventional signage in your area.

The statement above is factual. Thousands every year stop and take pictures of the Peggy of the Cove sign. Of course they take pictures of the mural on the house, and Peggy's Happy Tree which is almost as popular as the mural. But for now, we'll talk about signage. Here's how to do it.

It took three large truckloads of ground to shape the wave with a shovel and rake. This will help tone your body. My first intention was to use flowers, but time was running out. Finding hundreds or thousands of plants to cover the area and the weeding problem that would continually plague me, didn't sit well. Then the idea struck me. Rocks, I thought. I wonder?

A simple test with paint and rocks shaken in a plastic container proved it would work. Scott, my brother-in-law loaned me his cement mixer. Two cups of latex exterior paint, one cup of water and ten to twelve shovels of one inch crushed gravel were tossed into the mixer. After sufficient mixing, I dumped the painted rocks into a wheel barrow and spread them appropriately. For each color, the same steps were taken.

The letters, Peggy of the Cove are cement. Paper templates of the letters were made from my computerized mat cutter and placed on top of two inch thick, four by eight feet Styrofoam. With a jigsaw, I then cut the letters out and laid the Styrofoam on a piece of plywood. Now the form was prepared to fill with cement. Be sure to keep the middle section of the letters like A, P, O, R and so on. Spike them into position along with a few spikes in the Styrofoam to keep everything in position. Mix cement and fill each letter. Reinforcement iron is helpful so letters don't break. Color may be added to the cement, but it's expensive. Let the cement cure for at least a day. Two or three are better, depending on temperature and humidity. Gently break away the Styrofoam and make sure the cement is well cured before painting. You can purchase cement paint. I also use just exterior latex.

If you cover the area with plastic first, that will eliminate the need to continually pull grass and weeds.

It's best to place the letters in position before covering your scene with colored stones. Use spikes at the appropriate location to hold letters in position on sloped areas if you use a plastic covering. Also let the painted stones dry before placing them around letters. It will prevent you from having to touch up.

You may add accessories to your creation to enhance the beauty like the Peggy's Happy Tree.

If you have any questions or need ideas. I would be happy to help. Happy creating!


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