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Landscape With Cherry Trees

Updated on April 12, 2011

landscaping your lawn


Planting cherry trees on your lawn is a great way to landscape. The trees are pretty in the springtime when they are in full bloom; then a few months later they are loaded with cherries to eat right off the tree.


You can also make cherry pies, cookies, or use the cherries to top ice cream. If you have an abundance of cherries, you can freeze or can them for later use.


There is a device that is called a cherry pitter that is great to easily remove the pits from the fresh cherries. This cherry pitter will save you time.You are able to remove pits from two sizes of cherries. 


When you get your cherry trees, it is a good idea to purchase them at the same time so you know the trees are the same type. They will also mature at the same time, therefore, .making a beautiful display when they are in bloom. There are many varieties to choose from and you can choose the sweet kind or the sour ones.


The dwarf type is great because when you prune them each year you won’t have to get a stepladder to harvest the cherries. Also if you choose the self-pollinating variety you could plant one tree instead of several if that is your preference.


A local nursery in your area is a good place to buy your cherry tree because they would be knowledgeable about which variety will grow best in your location. Local nurseries will plant the trees for you if you don’t have the time or energy. There are several online nurseries that may be able to help you, too.


The trees will have recommended planting instructions or if they don’t the nursery workers will instruct you on the planting of your trees. The first year that you do get cherries growing on the branches it is recommended that you pinch off all of the buds.

Make sure you do this so the next year you will have larger cherries. Thinning the cherries each year will help the remaining cherries grow large.



Cherry trees originated in Japan where they have over 100 varieties. Most have been cultivated through the centuries by humans but a few grow wild in the countryside. Parks and Gardens in Japan are landscaped with the decorative cherry trees. The most popular tree in Japan is the Somei Yoshino and is also available at some nurseries in the U.S.


There are some characteristics that most people can recognize. The blossoms of most of the wild and some of the cultivated cherry trees have 5 petals. When trees have more than five petals they are called yaegakura. Some species will have blossoms consisting of ten, twenty, or even 100 petals.


The color of most cherry tree varieties are pink to white but there are some that are dark pink, yellow, or green blossoms. Some varieties may open as white in color but change to pink in a few days.


Most cherry trees (the ones with five petals) will bloom in the spring while the varieties with more than 5 petals bloom 2-4 weeks after the five petal type. In late autumn and during the winter months in Japan some extreme varieties will bloom.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

      Our neighbors down the way planted a cherry tree in their front landscape and I'm glad that I can see it from our place! Next spring I will have to check and see if it is yaegakura. Also glad to see you on HP again! :)