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Landscape and gardening

Updated on May 21, 2013

The aesthetic concerns are on the agenda, and this also applies to areas surrounding the houses, commercial buildings, public spaces, among others. Because of this, the market of landscaping continues to evolve and professionals must be increasingly imaginative and innovative to respond appropriately to customer requests.

There is already a large number of companies and professionals who specialize in the area of landscaping and gardening services, providing consulting services, advice and project implementation. Basically they take care of the whole project, thus making life easier for those who are seeking this type of service. Instead of having to contact and negotiate with several companies, one just have to talk to a company or a professional who will handle everything, which may then do all the work with their own resources or contracting out to other professionals.

Usually the companies which provide landscaping and gardening, also implement projects to renovate existing spaces and handle all the maintenance tasks of places and plants.

If you are thinking of doing (at home or at your company) a beautiful garden and / or create surroundings with trees, plants, flowers, ponds, etc.. Remember that beyond the initial cost you will have to also support the maintenance costs. Depending on the environment created, you may need to prune the trees, caring for plants, clean the ponds, maintain irrigation systems, among others. One of the objectives of creating these spaces is to beautify the environment and make the landscape more enjoyable, and neglecting the care of maintenance and leaving the space "abandoned", soon it will become a dark and unsightly landscape.

On the other hand if it is not willing or if you can not accommodate all these recurring costs, you can choose to create a space a little more humble and more into account, and then make it more welcoming at the time of special events: family parties, company special events, important receptions, by hiring the services of a specialized company. For those occasions (and others) you can rent (daily, weekly, etc..) plants and other decorative elements to make the space more appealing.

For each situation there is the appropriate solution and the more information you have the better you can decide.

Landscape and gardening
Landscape and gardening


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