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Landscaping Mistakes That You Must Avoid at All Costs

Updated on August 3, 2016

However, landscaping brings with it its own set of problems. Landscaping mistakes may not just ruin your yard, but also impact your home’s value adversely. When it comes to landscape design in Sunshine Coast, here are the mistakes you need to avoid!

Landscaping without a Professional’s Help

If you have had landscaping experience, then by all means, you can go ahead and DIY. However, to go the DIY way without any prior landscaping experience is a strict no-no. Charges to hire a professional may seem expensive, but you are guaranteed to save more money than you lose in the long run. Professionals can guide you through the landscaping process in a step-by-step manner, and provide you information regarding the plants you need. With the right combination of plants, you could have a yard that stays beautiful throughout the year.


Yes, your yard does need some decoration to make it look good. But only some! Make it too much, and people might just get turned off. Excessive decoration and ornamentation may actually take the sheen of all those pretty plants in the yard, and end up being a distraction. When it comes to lawn ornaments, go for quality instead of quantity.

Treating the Plants Wrong

A certain plant may need more sunlight than the others in your yard, and it’s your job to see to it that it does. Placing plants improperly can harm their growth, and therefore it is paramount to conduct some research on plant requirements. You should also have a fair idea as to how big the plants could get. You don’t want your yard to run out of space in the future just because you had no idea how tall or wide your plants would get.

No Consideration of Maintenance

Any beautiful thing needs to be maintained for it to retain its beauty over a long period of time. The same can be said of your yard. Many landscaping ideas have gone to waste because no one thought of maintenance. Maintenance takes both time and money, and the costs are directly related to what plants, ornaments and furniture you have decided to put in your yard. So before you spend a fortune on landscaping, don’t forget to consider the maintenance aspect.

Not Keeping Supplies Handy

If you have a fancy garden, you would need some fancy tools to keep it in its fancy state. It is of great importance that you stock up on landscape supplies, when you can. You never know when they might come in handy. You can visit any clearance sale and purchase the required supplies at dirt cheap prices.

Landscaping Sunshine Coast is a trend that grows more popular every year. If you have plans to follow the trend, remember to avoid the aforementioned mistakes at all costs!


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