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How To Do Landscaping With Rocks

Updated on April 22, 2016

Basic Information

All yards look the same when you take a drive around town.Sure, you will see some yards with beautifully manicured lawns and pretty flowers and trees but the overall look is the same.

Landscaping with rocks is simple and relatively cheap, it makes it easy stand out from the rest and make your front or backyard unique and really one of a kind.Here are some simple tips for landscaping with rocks.

First you need to remove some grass when you are going to add some personality to your landscaping, this is best done with a shovel or a tiller.

If there are some other rocks, pull them out of the way first.These are not the kind of landscaping rocks you will be using in this landscaping project.

Landscaping with rocks. Image courtesy of sritangphoto at
Landscaping with rocks. Image courtesy of sritangphoto at

You need to think about drainage for your plants and flowers.You will have time to think about it while digging.You might have to add an appropriate irrigation system if you do not have proper drainage.

While you are doing front yard landscaping, you could add a walkway so your guests don´t have to use the driveway to get to your door.Adding a walkway will prevent dirt and other debris from coming inside your house as well which means a lot less cleaning work for you.

A walkway made of landscaping rocks looks really great when the stones are staggered all along the walk to your door.You need to make sure the rocks are installed properly so they will not move when they are walked on.

Move four to five inches of soil beneath every rock and add a thin layer of gravel beneath the stone.This will keep the rocks in place when they are walked on.

When planning, try adding some curves to your walkway design.Curves gives a more informal and more distinctive look.Provide structure by adding shrubs and smaller trees along the new walkway.This gives structure for your landscaping design.

How To Do Landscaping With Rocks

Add some easy care flowers to add some color.Perennials are a good choice because they are beautiful and work well with your rock landscaping project.

Once the main plantings are done, it is time to add some smaller flowers and other greens. Greens go in between rocks in your walkway and fills the gaps nicely.

It is popular to use river rocks instead of mulch between the flowers.Mulch and river rocks both work well it is just a matter of budget and taste.

The last step in your rock landscaping project is to add the finishing touch, some climbing vines that wraps up and around your railing and front porch.

You can create a trellis for the vines and other planters or hung them from the roof of your porch and as a last tip add some decorative rocks to your landscaping project.You will have a front yard that looks a lot better than your neighbors.

Where to find landscaping rocks?

For making a beautiful landscaping with rocks you will need to find good rocks specifically made for the purpose. For this you really have two choices.

  • You can buy them from a gardening supply store
  • You can buy them online on Amazon
  • You can find them for free

There are many places you can go to find landscaping rocks, like a river or a creek for instance.It is of course a good idea to ask for permission to take a few landscaping rocks to avoid any trouble.

Buying landscaping rocks online is very popular because it is often cheaper than buying offline and you will also get home delivery.

Image courtesy of federico stevanin at
Image courtesy of federico stevanin at

Build A Wall For Steep Hill Landscaping

A wall structure will help prevent rocks, plants and soil from a steep incline, and is also highly recommended for landscaping steep hill to avoid injuries and accidents.The wall you build must be several feet higher than the level of soil you will be putting.In case of a down slide, the accumulated mud, rocks and soil will not overflow.By setting up the wall this way will also protect you from any liability in case of a landslide from your hill.

The way up to the hill:

You will need a path or steps that are paved.This can prevent erosion while giving you access down and up the hill.So, this is a sound suggestion when landscaping steep hills.It is easier to transport things up and down the hill with a curved pathway compared to steps.

You can prevent the soil down slide by building terraces on your hillside.You may have to change the hillside slightly to make room for the terraces.It will take planning and some work to build terraces, which can be built deep or shallow.Which ever you do,make sure to leave enough space for you to walk around them when planting.At the start of the downward slope you can plant big trees.

3 Plants To Consider For Steep Hill Landscaping:

#1. Juniper plants

  • Junipers should be on top of your priority when you are looking for plant options for your steep hill landscaping.Junipers serve as ground coverings on slopes and control growth of weeds and prevent erosion.

#2. Pachysandra

  • Pachysandra will polish your steep hill landscaping.It is popular for ground covering for shaped slopes.

#3. Creeping Phlox plants

  • Phlox plants are good ground covers for sunny areas on slopes.These plants look beautiful and will help prevent erosion.

Image courtesy of xedos4 at
Image courtesy of xedos4 at

Steep Hill Landscaping

Landscaping is essential to beautify your home and keep as much as possible of its natural structure and land form.

Steep hill landscaping is the answer if you are living on a hill side and want steps running up to your house.

Some home owners and landscapers may find this very challenging because of rain and the possibility of erosion.However, good hill landscaping can still be done if you follow some important points.

For steep hill landscaping you must build a wall that is going to serve as a retainer,if your steep hill is made of rock.This makes sure the hill will survive rainfall and erosion and keeps the hill solid.

Density and placement of things may change because of the construction of your home.You might end up with erosion problems if you fail to deal with the hill side landscaping.

Novice´s often waste time and money attempting to landscape their hillside, therefore you should read the following tips for steep hill landscaping.

More About Steep Hill Landscaping

Simple Landscaping Ideas - A Few More Tips And Ideas

You do not have to spend a large sum of money or adorn your yard with stately fountains to create some lovely landscaping, you can utilize simple landscaping ideas and bring a beauty to your yard.

If you find you do not have the money to hire a professional landscape artist, but still want to redesign your lawn, or flowerbeds, then you can take on the job yourself. First you should decide what flowers, shrubs and trees that you like, and consider the amount of care they will need, since you want to keep your maintenance low key and low cost as well.

Simple landscaping ideas should not be over thought. You want to think color and repetition. You should keep with the same type of shrubs, trees, plants and flowers throughout your lawn and try to align neat lines and simple shapes to make it enjoyable to look at and beautiful in design. It is recommended that you alternate color shrubs with evergreen and you need to focus on how you want a visitor to be drawn to your home.

Look at your entryway and decide what would enhance the look. Keeping the seamless look, flowing from home to yard is important and you don’t want it to be accentuating the wrong picture. Blend your sizes of plants to create the illusion of height and also the colors spread throughout will keep attention to your beautiful landscaping.

In keeping with the simple landscaping ideas you will want to insure it minimizes the upkeep work as well as the ease of trimming and maintaining the look. As your trees and shrubs grow you want to be sure you have incorporated that in your planting so that they will continue to have the same aesthetically pleasing look.

If you want to add some stone or rock to your landscaping you should keep in mind that they will require more work, weeding around the stones or edging will need to be done.

If you like the fountain idea but want to keep your costs down you can add a lovely birdbath or a smaller fountain that connects to your water faucet and recycles the water back and forth.

You can also take planters or hanging baskets to add color with flowers that do not have to be placed directly in the yard, or by the shrubs and trees. If you have chosen colored shrubs to add to your landscaping then you can coordinate annuals to add to that and keep the lovely look year round.

Simple landscaping ideas can be fun and enjoyable for you without adding a lot of work. You want the result to be inviting and beautiful but you also want the look to refresh your lawn and not be a maintenance nightmare for you in the long run.

If you decide you want to add a deck or sidewalks later on then you can plan your landscaping project with that in mind.

You can add great lawn furniture that enjoys you to sit and reflect on your simple landscaping ideas that you have brought to life with your own efforts and saved the cost of elaborate landscaping.


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