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Landscaping Your Backyard

Updated on December 28, 2014

Professional landscaping is very expensive. There are more than a couple of ways to do it yourself the right way and save.

Following a few simple tips will help you prepare for landscaping your back yard to save time and money in the project.
Following a few simple tips will help you prepare for landscaping your back yard to save time and money in the project. | Source

Backyards are not identified with the same curb appeal as the front of the house

Countless homeowners looking for an increase in equity invest monies in the outside of a home. They look for a way to increase curb appeal. According to loads of professionals- think about the front yard first, the backyard is really an afterthought. Yet, there really is a lot of things other than curb appeal to get out of investing in a backyard landscaping project.

Landscaping projects for the back yard of any home is great for a variety of reasons. It is a wonderful hobby or past time. This is really an ongoing project that is never done and actually continues to be improved upon. Additionally, many discover it is a remarkable way to exercise and it great increasing the equity in any home. With all of this in mind, consider an over haul to your backyard design.

This is typically where children play, the dog runs and friends and family occasionally hang out. Any family will certainly enjoy that back yard area of the house even more with a little improvement in reshaping the design of it with a little elbow grease invested.

Reshaping the layout and reforming the entire yard or a designated area is a better investment than most homeowners actually realize. Put a little time, money and effort into how this area looks to your family, friends,neighbors and prospective future buyers and find out how much it pays off.

Before starting your project there are some things you need to know.

What is the soil like?

Knowing the type of soil you have available to work with is extremely important. This reveals what kind of plants will work best for your ideas and innovations for your house. Testing it gives the acidity levels which in turn determines plans for now and the future for grass and other greenery.

Test the soil in more than one place. Find out what the acidity levels are in each sample taken and measure the results against plants, bushes and trees you would like to see.

Match the soil composition with the best plant to thrive in any particular area. Remember to test under bushes and trees already present in case you decide to remove these as part of your overall planning structure and place them elsewhere. Another idea would be to eliminate them all together from the area.

The more lush and green a yard looks the better. Additionally, this eliminates any struggles with getting greenery to thrive. When the greenery matches the soil the job is much simpler overall.

What space is available?

An outline of the entire space is a good idea. This helps define where to place what objects around the yard. Use a tape measure for accuracy and transfer the results to a piece of paper on a smaller scale. You do not need a professional blueprint, but a rough structure of something similar works wonders.

Working with a piece of paper versus the entire yard is more practical and helps with moving things around for a better fit and look. Place obstacles such as a driveway and patio in the picture knowing these will cause adjustments to be made with some decisions.

Where is the sun

Sunlight in the backyard is another factor used for choosing foliage. Where does the sun hit the most? What area gets the least amount of sunlight in the backyard? Even areas of full shade should be noted. When planting any type of foliage, you want it to thrive and look great sunshine is the key.

Depending on what type of sunlight it requires for healthy growing will make an enormous difference to where you put what type of plant life. Instead of having to remove dead plants and fork over more money, plan it out ahead of time with a little research. Mark this on your yard map.

Sunshine will also come into play if you want a patio or other outdoor living space with your landscaping.

What are you using it for?

The overall use of a backyard is very important. Do you want one for show or one more practical? Do you have animals or children? Do you want a lot of trees or more plants and bushes? Answering these questions will aid in selecting what you put in it and whereas well.

Easy to care for gardens and a large space for patio furniture or barbecue grills make a difference in how you landscape your new backyard area. Even what type of grass will work best is affected by the use and traffic on it.

Books and magazines

Numerous books and magazines are constructed for landscaping homeowners. Editors have scoured the globe with different ideas and pictures for you to browse through. If you don’t want to purchase these, the public library will have more than a few.

Look through these to get a good sample of landscaping ideas to work with. Even for yards different sizes or shapes, ideas will still be presented you may be able to tweak and modify to fit your needs.

Other benefits

A number of people enjoy the idea of working on this project and consider it a nice hobby. The exercise is wonderful for your mind and body while getting the work done and more than a few ideas are simple and easy to implement.

Sunshine and fresh air on a routine basis are great for the mind and body. You do not need to rush things and working at your own pace is generally more satisfying. If you are planning a great “coming out” party for a special occasion or holiday, get started early to allow for any incidentals that will delay the project.

In conclusion

Landscaping a backyard is a good investment. A number of people who sell their home have recouped more than the blood, sweat and equity they put into the work. As well as enjoying the additional living space with their family, they made a pretty penny when it came time to sell their home. Additionally, the added exercise from doing the work benefited them as well.

Transplanting shrubs around the yard is not as difficult as many people imagine.

How green is your thumb?

Are you considering doing landscaping in your backyard?

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