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Portable Laptop Bed Desks and Adjustable Laptop Tray Tables

Updated on August 18, 2014

A laptop makes an ideal bedroom companion allowing you to take your work to bed, watch movies, browse the internet or check email and facebook all whilst never leaving your comfy mattress. Laptop bed desks make this possible without running the risk of blocking up vent areas and risking the computer overheating. Some laptop lap trays for bedroom use also come with built in ventilation cooling fans to increase the level of cooling provided and further prevent overheating issues.

The problem is, most manufacturers insist it is not advisable to use their product on any poorly ventilated surface and the bedcovers certainly fit that description. Most laptop computers are vented on the side or underneath and the plush surface or a comforter or blankets makes it way too easy to block that vent and cause the processor to overheat. That will cause random behavior likes crashing and worst, could permanently damage or at least shorten the life of the internal components.

Portable laptop bed desks come in a variety of different styles from the lap desk style which fits over the user's lap like a breakfast tray to adjustable height over bed laptop tray tables which fit over a bed rather like a hospital table. A portable laptop tray is great for home use as it will work all over the house, making the perfect companion for using a laptop from bed, in an armchair or anywhere else where it would be more comfortable to have a laptop lap stand rather than have the hot underside sitting directly on your legs and nether regions which can be uncomfortable for extended periods of time.

The following selection of height adjustable laptop bed desks and portable computer stand trays showcase some of the different styles available to buy and where you can find them online at a great price.

Height Adjustable Over Bed Table Trays

These resemble those seen in hospital room in case you have seen something similar already. They are ideal for use as a rolling laptop bed table with wheels for manouverability and a height adjustable stand to raise and lower the table top. These are ideal for use as a bed laptop table but at just as useful for breakfast in bed, as a small writing desk or any other activity where a handy flat surface might be required. Their rolling wheels mean when you are done you simply push it out of the way for the night, no need to get up out of bed or anything like that, just push and snooze.

Adjustable Height Laptop Bed Tray Tables

One of the main reasons for buying a bed desk for a laptop computer is for your personal comfort. It can be difficult to work or play on a portable computer in bed without some kind of flat surface to support it and unless you can adjust the height and angle to suit your needs it can be equally diffult to get comfortable. Height adjustable bed desks for laptop computers fill that need perfectly by not only allowing allowing you to raise and lower the tray height but also to tilt the viewing angle too.

Adjustable Vented Laptop Table
Adjustable Vented Laptop Table

This vented laptop workstation table is made from lightweight but sturdy aluminum and features air holes vents in the tabletop to all better airflow and reduce overheating issues. It is fully adjustable to fit any body position from seated to reclining on your bed. It weighs just 5 pounds so is fully portable and folds down for easy storage. A wrist guard provides extra support for more comfortable use.


Padded Laptop Desks and Lap Stands

A padded laptop lap cushion for portable notebook computers is perhaps the most versatile form of portable computer tray as it is basically just a more functional cushion for your lap with a hard top. The cushioned underside molds to the contours of your lap making a very stable and comfortable surface whilst providing a heat shield between yourself and your computer and the top surface provides a non-slip, firm platform upon which to hold your notebook, laptop, netbook or other small portable device. The nice thing about these is they are multifunctional and a go anywhere solution. Many can be used as a small lap writing table, snack table or for doing crafts as well.

Logitech Comfort Lapdesk N500 (white/grey)
Logitech Comfort Lapdesk N500 (white/grey)

This Logitech laptop desk is designed with the user's comfort in mind. It features a unique heat shielding design with a breathable mesh pad to prevent heat transferal from the computer to the user's lap. The angled surface tilts the laptop to a more comfortable angle for typing and the streamlined lightweight design makes it easy to store all around the house. Users love this lapdesk.



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