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Large Glass Plates

Updated on December 10, 2010

If you're planning a special party or just enjoy having guests over for dinner or lunch as often as possible, it's important that you have appropriate crockery to serve food on.

Of course there is a wide range of glass crockery to choose from in a range of sizes from small snack plates through to large serving dishes.

They are also available in a range of colors and styles from the basic clear glass through to hand painted and hand blown pieces.

Glass plates are a timelessly classic piece of tableware to add to your collection and are sure to see use year after year.

They make a lovely centre piece for your table setting or can even be used as a unique dinner set for your guest's meal.

Transparent & White Plates

These are best if you want to buy a dinner set or simply have a feature plate.

Easy to mix and match with any other color sets or art pieces, they draw the eye while still being perfect for any time of day or celebration.

Use them to serve brightly colored food for a beautiful decorate centre piece.

Colored Plates

Available in a wide range of colors, glass plates can be an eye catching additive to your dinnerware.

A single plate can serve as a feature piece or you can mix and match different colors for a fun set.

Tip: If you buy painted glass it needs to be painted on the underside if it is going to come into contact with food, since glass painting plate is poisonous.

Glass Bowls & Other Accessories

If you want a more specific plate, those are also available.

From basic bowl designs through to specifically shaped tier platters and egg cup plates for every snack and edible treat imaginable.

Click through above to see larger size images.


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