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Large Mirrors Can Make A Small Room Seem Huge!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Large Mirrors Are The Perfect Home Accent

Large mirrors are useful for more than just making sure you look your best! Large mirrors are the perfect accent for any home. Decorative large mirrors are just the thing to add some flair to any drab living room. They are fantastic for making a room look larger or spacious. There was a time when mirrors were simply just a functional reflective surface in the bathroom, but now are a huge part of home decorating.

Large Mirrors Can Amplify Your Perceived Living Space

A large mirror in your home gives it a more appealing and fashionable look and feel. It has a unique way of making small rooms appear larger by reflecting light. This can also be achieved by placing a large mirror behind the sofa couch, horizontally over a mantle or at one end of a short hallway. You can even place a large mirror in your dining room.

Another great place for a large mirror is on the closet door. This affords you the benefit of checking your appearance from head to toe. This ensures an overall great appearance.

Large mirrors can have the effect of adding another window to a room
Large mirrors can have the effect of adding another window to a room

Large Mirrors Are Attractive & Alluring

Mirrors are so beautiful and such a great addition to any room, whether it be a gorgeous antique mirror, a handsome wall mirror, or a beautiful full length mirror. The types, styles and designs of mirrors are virtually infinite and you can easily find a lovely full-length mirror, eye-catching vanity mirrors, a wonderful large mirror, a stunning round mirror, an alluring floor mirror, an appealing bathroom mirror, a charming make up mirror, or a delightful compact mirror to suit your taste and budget.

Large wall mirrors are available as large framed mirrors or large frameless mirrors, so when you are considering which style of large mirror best fits your interior decoration look carefully at the wide range of large mirrors available: large round mirrors, large bathroom mirrors, large antique mirrors, large floor mirrors, large decorative mirrors, large gold mirrors, large beveled mirrors, large oval mirrors or even the elegant large venetian mirrors.

Antique large mirrors set off a classic home's decor perfectly
Antique large mirrors set off a classic home's decor perfectly

Large Mirrors Are Great In The Office Too!

 The use of large mirrors has spread to the corporate world as well.  Many business have used them when decorating a lobby or office. A large mirror can make a waiting room atmosphere more comfortable. Large mirrors are also used in the decor at restaurants, bars and stores, mainly for security purposes. 

Different placements of your large mirror has different effects in the room. The mirror should placed in the optimal place in order to reflect your room's beauty. If your room has poor lighting, placing several large mirrors about will really make a difference in the light appearance. To ensure a finished look to your decor, choose a large mirror that is framed in elegant hardwood.

How To Remove A Large Mirror

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