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Lasko 4900 Pro Performance High-Velocity Utility Fan Review

Updated on July 31, 2010

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“I’ve been using this fan for several years and I am still impressed by it. It’s very quiet because it uses turbines to blow the air, not blades. It also blows a lot of air. I would highly recommend that you get this fan and for the price you can’t beat it.”

“I’ve used this Lasko 4900 fan on my job site. I am a painter and sometimes it gets very hot in the rooms that I paint. I turn this fan on and everything is fine. This is a very durable unit too. It’s gotten beaten up a lot since I put it in back of my truck and yet it’s still running like a champ.”

“I bought this for myself on Amazon since it had the best price and I just love it. My friends who have seen this in action have also liked it so much that they went and bought their own. It really moves a lot of air and keeps the room cool. I use it upstairs where it get its pretty hot sometimes.”

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Sometimes when you’re working in a hot room with no AC, you need a powerful fan to cool you down. There are a lot of heavy duty high performance fans out there, but none can beat the Lasko 4900 Pro Performance High-Velocity Utility Fan in price or in quality.

The Lasko 4900 Pro Performance High-Velocity Utility Fan is designed to move a lot of air. With 3 different speed settings ranging from low to high, you can choose how much air you want blowing. A pivoting head blower also lets you point in the direction that you want the air to blow. Although this fan is powerful, it is still compact and portable enough that you can move it anywhere you want.


  • Ruggedly built, high-velocity utility fan for powerful air circulation
  • Choose from 3 powerful speeds--low, medium, or high
  • Pivoting blower head for adjusting the angle of airflow; easy-grip carry handle
  • 2 accessory outlets; safety circuit breaker with reset button; 10-foot cord


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