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Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote

Updated on May 27, 2013

It has been a tremendously chilly winter this year, and i have been trying to keep a proper temperature in the house to keep warm. The only problem I have been having is I am slowly watching my oil and electricity bills begin to grow, so I had to find a solution. The answer was pretty easy I needed to find a heater that would allow me to heat my room without having to spend a fortune. That is when I came across the Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control.

The Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control, has everything that I need even a remote control, so I can modify it without getting up from my chair. It has a ceramic heating element instead of gas or kerosene which makes it enjoyable to use in any room. It provides a satisfying, quiet operation and does not even bother the animals in the house.

The Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display is extremely easy to read and even has a timer. The timer is lovely at night time I can set the temperature in the room to 76 degrees, and it heats until that temperature is reached. Once it has been reached the temperature it automatically shuts off the heater. Then if, it drops below it will automatically turn on and reach that temperature again.

One of the best features of this floor heater is the ability to adjust the wattage that it uses. You can adjust the floor heater to use either a 900 watt maximum or a 1500 watt maximum. This gives you precise control of how much energy is going in. I think the 900 watt sufficient for my room, but much bigger rooms would use the 1500 watt setting. It also has lowered my electric bill, because I have not had to run the heater which means my oil is going to be a lot cheaper again, as well. This certainly was worth the reduced cost.

A friend of mine just had a baby. With the nursery being on the top floor of their home, they found it would get colder there with the breeze since it is an older house. They also purchased one of the Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater, and they are happy with the results. Its safe to use even in a nursery, because of automatic shutoff and over heat protection you never have to worry about the heating tower getting to hot.


1. Ceramic heating element

2. Top button with easy access to heater controls

3. Digital display that is easy to read

4. Programmable thermostat (up to 8 hours)

5. Extremely quiet operation

6. Auto shut off for over heat for safety

7. Remote control

8. Full three year manufacture Warranty


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  • samsons1 profile image

    Sam 6 years ago from Tennessee

    Very good and descriptive endorsement. I agree, room size electric heaters are more economical that using gas or oil. Voted up and useful...