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Latest Interior Color Trends You Just Need to Know

Updated on December 16, 2015

Are you interested in the trendiest colors for interiors? Then you should pay attention to this post which reveals the most fashionable colors for the next year, where golden, yellow and ochre are identified as the colors of 2016. Besides, there are other popular trends identified, including words and pictures, future and heritage, dark and light, and so on. The good news is that they all will work for both interior designers and homeowners interested in DIY projects. Let’s discuss them all below.

Future and heritage trends.

Many designers agree that it’s the most comforting one for them, and it’s all about taking their inspiration from the past. They also appreciate the history, authenticity and other benefits of rich heritage. You need to reinvent the future to get it by using traditional and classic crafts. It’s advisable to use trendy colors in different unexpected ways and try to blend modern and classic styles successfully. This is what can help you create a vivid contemporary feel that reflects the rich history.

Pictures and words

When holding on to something for a long time, you can be sure that it’ll come back into fashion again and again. Sometimes people even start to appreciate it more because they all are sentimental and value memories from the past. For example, there is something special about vinyl records for many of them. Modern digital trends and technologies keep moving very fast, and words are replaced by abbreviations and emoticons, so it’s no wonder many consumers are interested in letters and words in their interior designs. Trendy color palettes for pictures and words use grey and blue shades to create a calm feeling, or you can go for color saturated graphics.

Dark and light

It’s one of the most favorite trends of many people because this world is switched to the around-the-clock schedule, and that’s why it’s important for them to create more dark. Constant light may disrupt normal sleeping patterns, and this means that this fashion trend also contributes to biological health. It’s hard to see a starry night in the busy city, and if you want to appreciate the light, you need to learn how to appreciate the dark at first. This color trend takes its inspiration from dusks and dawns.

The grid and letting go

This trend feels very fresh, fun and original for many consumers, and it’s all about experiments and letting their imagination run unstoppable. You can just break free from regular and traditional boundaries and start discovering completely new things while staying in the safety of norms. The colors of this trend are more playful and vivid, but they still include classic black and white.

Feel free to choose any of the above-mentioned trends if you’re related to them, and you’ll become a fashionable and modern homeowner.


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