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Best Deals On The Coolest Latte Mugs

Updated on March 14, 2011
Latte Mugs
Latte Mugs

Classic Latte Mugs

Enjoy your favorite latte in the most stylish and unique latte mugs available. A latte is a coffee drink made by adding hot milk. Some people even substitute coffee for chai, mate or matcha. However you choose to have your latte, it will be much more enjoyable in one of your new latte mugs.

Lattes can be served in many types of mugs, from classic white and clear glass to college sport teams mugs to outlandish latte mugs with goofy sayings or shaped like animals.

Glass Latte Mugs by Bodum look like classic mugs but are double walled to keep your hot latte hot or maybe your cold juice cold. They are fragile so you must be careful but these latte mugs are definitely worth it.

Even more classic are white latte mugs. Nothing is more elegant than a white latte mug with hot steamy latte inside. These mugs are great for serving lattes and other coffee drinks to your guests.

Trendier Latte Mugs

Konitz makes some fun but not over-the-top latte mugs with fun little phrases. These are ceramic mugs so they will keep your latte relatively hot while keeping you hand comfortable. Unlike the Bodum mugs, these mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe so cleaning is easy and reheating your latte when it starts to cool off is easy too.

Sagaform also makes some trendy black and white latte mugs that are not so classic but still stylish.  Just like the Konitz mugs, these Sagaform are both microwavable and dishwasher safe.  These mugs are great for gifts and fit just about any style and cupboard.

Fun and Funky Latte Mugs

You don't have to drink your latte from a plain mug.  Grab one of these fun and funky mugs to brighten your morning.  You can not help but smile when drinking from these eclectic latte mugs.  Farm animals and funky modern designs are not the only way to get creative while drinking your favorite latte.  Mugs come in every shape and size under the sun, so sit back and enjoy a latte in whatever your type of latte mug that tickles your fancy.


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